Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Cost Of Keeping Quiet

I am a very private person. I in most cases mind my business, mind my space and mind my life.

So whenever anything untoward happens, there is often a waging war going on in my heart.

‘Do I let this go?’

‘Do I just mind my business?’

‘Am I creating a reputation as a trouble maker?’

‘Shouldn’t I just face my business/tasks/future?’

‘Am I doing this for fame?’

‘Do I get a kick from being contrarian?’

Ati bee bee lo (And such similar questions)

For every time, I have passionately complained on social media about social issues, I have done five times worse offline. I have blocked soldiers in vehicles taking ‘one way’, I have intervened in situations where women were bullied, I have written about personal medical experiences which ended in a lawsuit,  I have taken up things that I ordinarily had no business getting involved with because I just couldn’t bear to keep quiet.

After each episode, I say to myself, I am going to mind my business and not get involved in those things anymore and the next time, it happens, I still speak/act because my heart leaps to judge me and most importantly because there is a cost to keeping quiet.

  •        Terrible actions that have no consequences ruin a society. There is a cost when you allow that to continue without speaking

  •  I   I am Nigerian, I have no other nationality, I am killing opportunities to create a better future when I keep quiet.
  • -        There are millions who cannot speak out because of perceived social status, who else should speak out on their behalf.
  • -        Nonsense passed off as culture must stop. If you choose not to stop it, do NOT impose on another person.
  • -        Government passing off work designed by a citizen as its own without due credit or payment

At what point do we all begin to see that keeping quiet to social injustices is very expensive. At what point do we begin to say ENOUGH, the police is not a private force, its first responsibility is to ALL citizens (not just those who have money), when do we say ENOUGH, where is justice for the man that cannot pay for it? When do we say ENOUGH, to leaders who believe they are in a different class than the suffering population? When do we say ENOUGH to those who harm citizens by making them pay for free government programmes? When do we say ENOUGH to how we harm each other and are not truthful towards each other, how we conduct business with each other with the sole aim of defrauding?

Today's Nigeria is because men and women of yesteryears thought it expedient to keep quiet and mind their business.

We can’t afford the luxury of keeping quiet today for our children’s tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for your writing, i appreciate your About me.

    "I am a social crusader. I am on a journey, it is different from yours but whenever our paths cross, I will make sure I give the good of myself to equip you for your journey". Thank you. I relate to you. <3 reach out or find me on facebook Paula Lawton

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