Wednesday, 9 September 2015

I am woman. I am evolving.

Today I am a bundle of insecurities and the next day I am a pillar of strength.
Truth is I find me frightening.
What I would do for that one and what I wouldn't do for that one and the offshoot emotions that ferment mysteries.
What I would give to be left alone with my thoughts for a whole day and have absolutely nothing to do except slap someone.
Ideas popping, reality ducking, sarcasm dripping, ignorance feigning.
I want to be liked and heck I don't want to be liked. I work hard at both.
Every stretch mark, a testament to something or one thing that needs urgent attention.
Every side eye, a knowing look that says "I know boo"
Tightened muscles in the quadrants of my face that say imma hunt you down if you don't take that foolishness from my face.
Yet I cry...betrayed by centuries of female hormones. Dang.
Calories, hair, cat eyes, bow legs, impatience, sometimes manicured nails, chunky thighs, ambition the size of the galaxy, energy for days...I find, I am growing.
I am woman. 
I am evolving. 
Finding a method to my madness.


  1. Writing is a gift. And somehow, you have managed to turn your talent for expression, into an art form. Please don't stop sharing the twists and turns of your heart and soul with us.

    It is truly a blessing to read all you have to offer us, every single time. Thank you.

    ~Ayi Moses