Monday, 20 October 2014

While you wait...

I have been married for almost 3 years and I have no children. I do not rejoice in this nor do I expect that you to feel sorry for me. It is what it is.
I am proud enough to want to see replicas of myself and stroll the pavement with mini-me's. A girl that will have a face that is a mix of mine and my husband's fine face, his eyes, his hairline, my hair and definitely my nose (his nose won't do, I consider it big) but she is yet to come.
Many friends that got married after me, have had their babies, I rejoice with them, two of such babies are the firstborns in my heart, that is how much I love them and their yumminess.
And in our society, everyone is asking questions, people give me the side eye, some that love me ask out-rightly, some others try very hard not to mention it or have conversations that have to do with children. I can hear some church folk ''think-clap their hands in the yahoo way or snap fingers'' that ''she must be paying for some sin'' and some other people just want to run their mouths. Some friends hide their pregnancies and refuse to tell me about it for reasons best known to them. Again, some of my friends talk to me about their children and I am excited that they honour me with those conversations. But it is what it is.
But now what?
Having a child is very important. It is what guarantees the continuity of the human race and specifically the continuity of your values and heritage.
But while I wait...
...I will be the best woman I can be. I will panel beat myself into the kind of woman that I can be proud of.
...I will get moving on every dream I ever had, I will learn, start businesses, go back to school, become the noble woman I know I can be.
...I will extend my circle of influence, I will do everything in my power to make my nation and the world better for when my mini-me gets here.
...I will learn patience, longsuffering and kindness
...I will NOT worry. Nope. It won't change anything. I believe in God and in the bible. There is His promise and it is my Faith.
...I will be a support to every woman who is feeling despondent because she hasn't carried her child or hasn't gotten married.
Whatever you do, you MUST remember that time will pass ''months, years'' and if you spend it crying and hiding instead of fulfilling purpose, you will give account of wasted years to your maker.

I am by no means saying, substitute your desire with activity, I am saying please understand that my journey is different from yours, our paths may cross now and then but our journeys are different. Rejoice that you have children, Rejoice that you don't. Rejoice that you are married. Rejoice that you are not. EVERYTHING will work together. Get up NOW!! Get moving on your dreams and purpose. Don't waste the years...while you wait.
Gros Bisous.