Monday, 8 September 2014

Through His Eyes-The Expectation of the Unexpected.

He understood that the complexities of human pranks escaped me. As much as I look like I am all grown and worldly, he knew I was just a little girl eager to explore the world and be loved.

He cyber stalked me till we met *smiles* and every conversation that we had before and after proved that this was going to be an interesting chapter of my life.

When he whispered into my ears that he loved me , I believed him. He was content to sit and talk with me for hours, laugh with me and at me till we were both crying. He stimulated all my senses especially my ever-revolving mental sense.

He loved how excited I was about the world, He wanted to show me all that he had seen, he wanted to visit new places and experience the rush of excitement with me.

Me. Me, the one someone said was unlovable.

He said my voice calmed him when faced with the frustrations of the world at work. And it was easy to be calm and gentle around him, he brought out the best in me.


I was afraid. I have been down this road before and I got hurt. Very hurt. But when I look at myself through his eyes, I see a beautiful woman loved for everything I am, even my warts.

Admirably, he was adamant my voice was the first he wanted to hear when he woke up. He said nuzzling my ears was the last thing he wanted to do before he slept.

And when we did the permanent ceremony...he swore he would protect me. He would forsake everyone else for me. And he has.

I was afraid I would have to hide her body, but he cast aside every shame I felt and memorized every inch of my body instead. My breasts were a delight to him and not a curse.

Joy had systematically taken over fear. And the lightening bulb of wisdom reminds me that we are only here on earth briefly and while I am here, I must experience Joy.

You are Joy. You are love.
Culled from my daydreams. Lol
Gros Bisous.

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