Wednesday, 16 July 2014

That thing called Temptation...

You know it is wrong.
That sweet foreboding interest in that thing or person that is ''out of bounds'' That desire to perform an action that you will enjoy for a short term but will regret immensely.
You look away, you stay away. You do not want to hurt anyone, you do not want to be at the mercy of that forbidden thing or action.
You have heard so many things said about Temptation. You know you shouldn't be tempted. As a Christian, you sing ''Yield Not to temptation, For yielding is sin'' and every cell, every neuron knows you should avoid this terrible desire to plunge into this hole of sweet sweet temptation.
Oh but you want to, you want to eat that piece of red velvet cake, you want to dial that number you know you have no business remembering, you want to dig into your desires and forget that there are consequences for your action.
So you mull over it (if you are thinker) and keep generating and accepting self-made excuses for why you must give in to your desires.
And when your body will not give in to the desire, you surround yourself with your friends (Yes, those ones with suspended moral fibres) those friends that will echo your thoughts, those friends who will subtly inform you that your desires are meek next to the actions they carry out.
Then comes the rationalization.
''Just this once'' ''No one will know''  ''Just One bite'' ''It feels too good to be true'' ''Now or Never''
...and all the myriad of excuses our brain cells can generate.
And should you decide to Fall.......
**Whoosh** the sounds that wake you up. The sounds that lets you know you have made a big mistake and you run it through your mind a thousand times before you accept that you deliberately chose impulse over self-control.
That thing called Temptation...
But like that character from the TV series ''Perception'' said
Temptation: The fight between impulse and self control. When we exercise self restraint, we have better mental health.
It is just through my eyes.

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