Monday, 9 June 2014

For Nigeria...I have lost hope

I have never being one who lost hope. I have had hope in many difficult situations. My constant hope has always stemmed from some sort of relationship with God.

But now even that relationship doesn't pump hope for me for Nigeria.

I want to move to New Zealand, change my birth names in court, use the famous Denecia body cream to lighten my skin and claim some remote country as my country of origin.

And I have my reasons

1. I daily feel oppressed by the Local Government, State Government & Federal Government
2. I saw someone take the one way road and Lastma looked on without acting beause it was a security vehicle.
3. I see the young northerners chase after me in traffic despite the inherent dangers to sell a pack of gum for less than a dollar.
4. I hear of members of the judicial system who are given bribes in tens of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars.
5. I am confronted everyday by a huge amount of people who have sold the reasoning part of their brains to ethnicity and religion.
6. I am confused by what I am living for when there is a constant threat to my life and the life of my unborn children.
7. I am in despair by the number of people that may have to die for us to take the baby steps away from the edge of this precipice.
8. I am in awe of a government who so blatantly continues to oppress its citizens without a care for the Rule of Law.
9. News that filter in continue to show that many just want to hold POWER by all means
10. I am concerned that the word ''SERVICE'' no longer rests in the word book of Nigerian politicians.
11. I am alarmed that Over 11% of the National Budget in 2012 was used to take care of Public Officials in Nigeria.
12. Where will that 11 year old roaming the street get his next meal? At night, when he lays his head to sleep, innocence is lost when that brutish man with paedophile tendencies grabs the kid for sex.
13. I am alarmed that the government has given away many young girls to the evil sect Boko Haram to bear children for them.
14. I shudder at how many times those girls have been raped, beaten and I can only imagine what story I will have for my kids.
For this time.. I have lost hope!