Thursday, 20 March 2014


The guy who serial flirts/cheats says;     ''I am inquisitive''

-  The woman who is fat says;                    ''I can't help it, food serves as my crutches ''

-  The one who says I don't want to subject to His will says;  ‘’There is no God!’’

-  The one who sits and asks to bite a girl;    ‘’A Cannibal in waiting?’’

-  The dolts that keep praising a failed government;   ‘’Barren Intellect?’’

-   A people that never learn from History;       ‘’Nigerians’’

-   A man who likes Sardines & Ebenezer Obey; - Chief Commander Prince Olu

-  The man who courts shame; An adulterer

- The commandeering madam; a body of insecurities

- The Muppet you want to die for but don’t send you- the bodyguard boyfriend

- The singer working in the law office; Talent & Time Waster

- A country with so much yet so little for its citizens; Corrupt Nigeria

- A country that pays ex-militants 60k Naira but has no job for its citizens; Nigeria

- The man/woman that won’t parent their child- ‘Messed up Individuals’

- Average employer found in Nigeria- ‘Abusive’

- A heart of gold and a passion for his country- ‘Omojuwa’

- The lady who wears parades a Prada purse, Manolo heels yet her parents live in a mud hut- the disillusioned material female


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  1. I B I !!! My first visit to your blog. keep it up. stay blessed. seye