Thursday, 20 March 2014


The guy who serial flirts/cheats says;     ''I am inquisitive''

-  The woman who is fat says;                    ''I can't help it, food serves as my crutches ''

-  The one who says I don't want to subject to His will says;  ‘’There is no God!’’

-  The one who sits and asks to bite a girl;    ‘’A Cannibal in waiting?’’

-  The dolts that keep praising a failed government;   ‘’Barren Intellect?’’

-   A people that never learn from History;       ‘’Nigerians’’

-   A man who likes Sardines & Ebenezer Obey; - Chief Commander Prince Olu

-  The man who courts shame; An adulterer

- The commandeering madam; a body of insecurities

- The Muppet you want to die for but don’t send you- the bodyguard boyfriend

- The singer working in the law office; Talent & Time Waster

- A country with so much yet so little for its citizens; Corrupt Nigeria

- A country that pays ex-militants 60k Naira but has no job for its citizens; Nigeria

- The man/woman that won’t parent their child- ‘Messed up Individuals’

- Average employer found in Nigeria- ‘Abusive’

- A heart of gold and a passion for his country- ‘Omojuwa’

- The lady who wears parades a Prada purse, Manolo heels yet her parents live in a mud hut- the disillusioned material female


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Shut Up! Be a dad.

I have an amazing father. I cannot gush enough about how amazing my dad is.

Which is why I found it strange at a point in my life when I noticed that a lot of men were terrible fathers.

I have seen men struggle with how to be men, husbands and dads and the only conclusion I could reach was there was no father to teach them, there was no one to show this boys-now-turned-men how to relate and behave as men when they grew older!

Some argue that it is not an African thing to show emotions or show love. But guess the price for non-involvement is much more steep than the pride you want to hold on to for non-involvement.

Many dads nowadays,  love dressing up kids in lovely clothes, strike selfie poses, go to work and spend an incredible amount of time making money.

Some make all the money and give the kids the best in life, but there is no one to teach the kids about values, the honour in keeping their promises/words.

Kids are not taught how to be responsible for their siblings, how to be selfless, how to be a provider, how to be responsible around the house.

The general assumption is that male kids will have this ''sudden awakening'' at some stage and begin to do all that is expected of them.

Eeeeeeerrrr Nope! That is not going to happen!

If you are maladjusted, you can rectify your issues by reading books, spending QUALITY time with the kids. It would give insight to the kind of parenting they need!

But if you think you have no issues and men before you didn't deal with the crap, then perhaps you should know this...

Quit spending hours at the Drinking bars while assuming that your wife is looking after the kids.
Quit spending all of your time in church while steering clear from involvement in your kid's life
Quit hiding behind work so no one will notice that you cannot bear to be alone with your kids for ten minutes straight.
Quit transferring the lazy mental attitude by sitting in front of the TV all the time

In other words, quit giving excuses!

Shut up! Be a dad

Love always
ilsa aida