Monday, 3 February 2014

Red & Masks: Celebrate the love you The Mercado by ilsa aida

So I am not a very mushy lovey person, but this early this year, I made a decision to celebrate the ALL of the love I have had in life.
For every stage of life, I have love in my life so this year I choose to celebrate.
I urge you to choose to celebrate the love you have. It may not be what you want, it may not be what you expected but appreciate and celebrate that love.
The love of a brother, the love of a sister, the love of a church, the love of a spouse, the love of parents, the love of co-workers, the love of children. All the kinds of love you have and take for granted.
Drop by at The Oriental Hotel, Lagos from 12noon, this Sunday, February 9th and come bask in a lot of love.
Brought to you by The Mercado by ilsa aida

Hope to see you there...with your masks

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