Monday, 13 January 2014

United by pain

She stood on the balcony staring at  the way the sunrise coloured the ocean. She was on her honeymoon with her husband. Her husband of 2weeks, a man she had known for the last 4years.

She felt delirious joy as she looked at KK sleeping.

Her feelings surprised her, she did not realise she had the capacity to to love someone with every part of her body

As she stood smiling, thoughts sipped into her consciousness. Her frown lines sipped from the pores of her skin as she remembered... it had not always been that way.

She met KK four years ago when she was battling through an ugly divorce from her first husband. Chima, was not a terrible person, he just was not the one for her. The zig-zag, unbalanced relationship they had, caused him to beat her, womanize, oppress her. At that time, it became clear to her that they were drowning in a maze of sorrow. The marriage that had started on friendly terms was now a war zone. Each side with its own military arsenal and defence.

At the about that time KK too was having issues with his wife, he said the woman regularly disrespected him, she had adulterous relationships with men at work, she fell out of love with KK.

Ojuolape smiled as she thought about how she and KK met, it was strangely through a mutual friend. They exchanged numbers, chatted now and then, discussing the pain they went through. They didn't know when or how it happened but suddenly they couldn't go through a day successfully without speaking. They had grown on each other.

Soon she and KK were faced with a situation; They genuinely liked each other. But KK was married.
She realised that she couldn't continue to proceed with the emotional affair, KK was still married and there was the possibility he and his first wife could work out their issues, She had to cut all communication. She had to let 'them' go.

She remembered that even at that time, she struggled with her Christian faith, she wanted KK for herself but how she felt for another woman's husband was not right. She and KK, they couldn't be found doing the same things they accused their spouses of doing.
They both let it go but it hurt, it hurt so bad.
She was miserable at work. She snapped at everybody. She wanted KK bad. She wanted him at her side, to look into his eyes, laugh, cry etc.
He told her he became calm, he took all his pain to God and got some sort of perseverance. He went back to his marriage, tried to fix it, took out time to love his wife and son. Gave it everything he had.

She let it go, faced her life. KK too. They stopped communicating
She started smiling ear to ear when she recollected how they met again. She boarded the plane that was taking her to Nigeria, New York had been so much fun.
As she made her way to her seat, she bumped into a passenger by her seat. It was KK. Fates and the airline had seated her with KK.
The ocean of emotions ran right back up her heart. He hugged her with all the life he could muster.
Legs wobbling, they sat down. Looked at each other with tears running down their faces.
He said he and his wife worked at the marriage, they tried but six months ago she went to be with the Lord. She had Cancer.
When they arrived Nigeria, he did not let go of her hand, he took her straight to his mum.
And they say the rest is history...
KK got up and walked to her and held her in an embrace meant only for her. And as she snuggled into the arms of the man who had now become her husband.
She realised Pain had brought them together. Pain had united them

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