Thursday, 16 January 2014

Let us give a standing ovation to...the player of the year. Episode 3

He is Kevwe...
Marilyn said...
I met him at the airport. I was on my way to school in Benin, Edo State. I had noticed him with his lean body and amahzing look on the queue. Gosh! He was handsome!
I quickly looked away. I had a boyfriend, who was serious about a future with me. And I took relationships seriously.
It turned out we were both on the same flight and the only reason I knew this was because I brushed past him on the way to my seat.
I apologized and got moving. I was in the final year of university and I did not have time for distractions. No lean, dressing nicely kind of man, handsome man would distract me. No time!
I got off the plane and headed towards the cab lot to hail a vehicle to my private university. It was getting late and I still had one hour travel time before I got back to school.
I got into the cab and we drove off.
I was nudged awake by the driver when I got to the hostels and I guess wanting to make me his permanent customer, he asked for my telephone number. I obliged without any drama.
School started. A week went by and life was in the go-mood.
Then I got back from class one day and met a bouquet of flowers. It was simply signed 'K'.
K? Who was K? My boyfriends' name was Shola.
Long story, I got a phone call from K who in fact turned out to be Kevwe..
I was shocked how the dude got my phone number but he told me a long story that almost amounted to stalking. His voice, the chase , his manners intrigued me. I needed to know more. Who was this guy?
Little gifts came, so did a lot of messages. He spoke to the way my mind operated. Intelligent but funny. I kept them from Shola, I was intrigued. All the attention was too much to pass up.
It got worse. Each day, I could not wait till the following day to see what K had planned.
Soon the semester was ended and it was time to go home. I flew to Lagos and into the arms of the man who somehow had invaded my every thought.
We watched movies and had dinners at the most beautiful restaurants. Kevwe had class. It did not take long before I gently broke it off with Shola. I was in love with Kevwe.
He called me his 'baby mama' He showed me what a princess I was. What was there not to love.
I was drunk in love. I introduced him to my siblings who grilled in for hours and fell in love with him afterwards.
He was a dream.
About 8 months after I had graduated and was doing the compulsory National Youth Service Corp, Kevwe invited me to go to Paris with him on holiday.
It was magical. It was beautiful.
And there in a café by the famed towers, he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him.
I looked at him with all the love in my eyes and told him NO!
You see, I had never been to Kevwe's house, we always met in hotels. He always locked his phone. I had not met any member of his family. He never picked up phone calls in my presence. He shouted at people who irritated him, choosing to call them bastard!
That day, the day he asked me to marry him,  I separated my head from my heart. Kevwe was bad news. He was textbook sample of all I had been told of players.
I walked away. Today, I am glad I made the best decision because two months later, I heard he was married.
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  1. Plsssss, this story has to end somehere oooooo cos i no gri!!!!lailaiiiii..

    Where is the guy sef?? i pray the ladies path crosses ooo!!!