Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Let me upgrade you!

So I was going to write on another topic today when I started chatting with an old girlfriend on Facebook. And the stuff she said motivated me to write this post.

I am a believer in the fact that women are powerful, I mean you don't have to sing about who runs the world like BeyoncĂ©,  to realise that women do. (I know I am going to get an earful of comments from the male folk) But I don't care.

The slant eye, the evil stare, the keep your hands to yourself mama, the trashy put your clothes on, the this my space and my territory, all point to the fact that we are full of life and drama.

Fact! Women are territorial, they do not readily welcome another female into the fold until you prove that you are not there to compete.

And men, do we like to compete!
 C'mon Ladies. A specie as powerful as the womenfolk cannot afford to fight with each other. What to do is empower each other.

Recognize what your sister is. Help. Empower. Upgrade

We are super human. Imagine all of that strength, all of that multi-tasking abilities, all of that drama, all of that focus geared towards helping one another.

It will definitely be a case of 'We rule the world'
I will empower any lady with my strengths. I hope you will do the same for me.
Be a shoulder, Listen, Care, help me pose properly for selfies, tell me the truth, be loyal, be firm, pray with me, cry with me, laugh with me, hold my hand through the wilderness
No more competition, no more 'you must not do better than me'
Just Love...in that way that only women can. And let us build a world that we rule.
(Running to hide before they begin to throw stones)

Gros Bisous

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  1. never going to happen. We are too territorial for that. frankly, we don't like each other. We smile and do all the BFF bs but we are in constant competition to outdo the other. Guess its as nature intended.