Monday, 6 January 2014

Honour my Curves

Evening Memo to the men,

Just because I do not look like the skinny b*****s you see on the cover of magazines or starve myself to look like a model, does not mean I am less than human.
You will NOT ridicule me, You will NOT comment on how busty I am, you will NOT comment on how big my backside is, you will NOT joke around and call me Orobo. What you will do, is honour my curves.
I ain't joking.
My body is my temple, I may be sizes different from what you are used to but you will worship it and you will honour my curves.
I do not want to hear you mutter s**t about it, I do not want to hear you compare me with your sister, mother, wife, girlfriend or concubine, I will have your heart for breakfast. And No!, I am not a witch!
I am tired of societal expectations, I am tired of everyone expecting me to look like the next woman, if you want me to look like the next woman, perhaps you should be with the next woman. No jokes. This is the dope truth right here.
I will NOT entertain your disrespect for my body and allow your shallow thoughts water down to the younger generation who are confused about how to interpret what all the noise is about extra-curvy women.
And FYI, if I see you disrespect any young baby girl, laugh at her or make her cry, then you are going to get the #ilsaaidamemo. I am not playing.
Don't get me wrong, we need to exercise to stay healthy, live long and be happy.
But in that journey to that point, don't expect me to understand that you have an insane need to disrespect my body because I am 'femally' different.
Just Honour my curves and the curves of every baby girl out there and you and I will not have any problems.
ff: Every Femally Female around the world.


  1. Curvy women hit men's brains like a drug and top most men’s wish lists, perhaps why we comment on the bodacious boobs and bountiful booty.
    I think the era of the fashionable waifs (LEPA'S) are over ... But thing is men who prefer curvy or voluptuous ladies tend to flirt and date a lot compared to the "Lepa' faithfuls.,

  2. Nice one. Real men always respect their woman and avoid unnecessary comparison with others. Godliness with contentment is a great reward.

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  4. Here-in you put the man in an unfair dilemma. Taste is a varied constant, i can not love what the next man does. I for one love the arts, Jazz, Poetry, Soul music. I love the great indoors, i would rather prefer to be in between the sheets, just talking at whisper volume than be at a Beyonce concert. But, as i said, that's what i prefer. I realise that my taste is rear and have never bothered to seek a woman with such virtues (even though i would love to have one that is so).

    My woman has a thick waistline and i love her regardless for the many other virtues she possesses, but she respects me enough to know that i prefer the waistline slim. She works at it and i encourage the effort, but neither of us brings guilt to the other's door for wanting something else or being something else.

    And the reason is this. My woman loves certain traits about me, i am one in a million, super intelligent, confident, articulate, considerate, athletic, great in the sack, and yes, even much more. However, Should i begin to loose one of this traits that she deeply loves,

    Would i make her feel bad for wanting the exact man she feel in love with? No!
    Would i try to bring back that man just to satisfy her? Yes!
    Would it fulfil me to please her? Yes!

    This article was not attacking men's taste in women, it was attacking a man's right to have a taste in women. A 'take me as i am or take a walk' type of thing. Which is unfair to the man who genuinely loves you but wants to see improvements to those areas of you that can be improved?

    I am a REAL MAN. And i prefer my women with thin waistlines

  5. Isn't it funny how the healthiest part of your whole write-up - "workout" takes only half a line?

    As someone recently described, I'm sapiosexual. So I don't really bother about size much. Most African women have curves anyway - too much or too little. My only qualms with plus size or fat ladies who refuse to workout is that they should never complain about health issues that can be solved by being fit or keeping fit. I workout often to keep fit and look good first for myself then for my wife I expect same from her. If she'd not put any effort into exercise, I will not entertain any phony aches and pains that 30min on the yoga mat or treadmill will solve.

    This is not the most encouraging piece you have written for women.