Thursday, 9 January 2014

Dear God

Dear God,
He is hurting. He is in pain. He has tried all that he knows, he has loved in everyway he knows to. Now he is empty, lonely and afraid.
He speaks a lot about his dreams, his vision, his plans but he speaks from Faith. He is not sure that he can deal with the emotional pain he is feeling.
He is not known to cry, yet he cries now and then. He cries for a lost love, he cries for a love he cannot have.
Many know him, many speak highly of him, many wish he was theirs.
He is amused by all the attention, sometimes he feeds off it too but at night when he lays his head to rest, ALL he wants is to be comforted by the love he once knew.
Lord, he has been strong all his life, he has hustled his way to some recognition but now there is an ache, an emptiness, a void that only you can fill.
For the few hours he spends at work, he turns his head and heart to robots. No feelings! No thinking! Just Work!
There is nothing he will not give for a second chance to do it better. There is nothing he will not give for a chance to turn back the hand of time.
He is afraid to pray, afraid to come before you. He thinks you will judge him for all the wrong he has done. He forgets that you are a loving God.
This man, your son needs you. You are the only one who can give him the calm he needs in his heart.
Do not forsake him dear Lord, do not leave him to himself. He needs you so much. He is nothing without you.
Exchange his pride for humility, make him what he was born to be, let him accomplish all he sets his heart to according to your will.
I know you hear me, I know you will never forsake me.

Thank you dear God

ff: the woman praying for the men in their lives.

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