Friday, 17 January 2014

At 6am

Flash full lights, avoid known pot-holes, zig-zag across slow moving vehicles, blast the jamming music to keep you awake, put on your foundation & nude lipstick for the day, do the car dance when the music hits the crescendo...all from 6am. All that before I reach Ajah bus stop.

All done,  I am a bit calm, I am able to observe my surroundings. I observe and I  ***gasp***
  • The dude in the Hyundai Elantra reading a booklet with his inner light while driving at 80kph
  • The fine boy who hits the fine girls' vehicle, and they step out speaking oyinbo. Wish I could wait to see the drama
  • the woman doing the full beauty make-up line on her bleached face. Whaaat Whoooot!
  • The boy and girl yelling on top of their lungs at each other. oh oh! Night gone awry!
  • The woman in the Prado Jeep dozing in traffic
  •  The dude doing the car version of the harlem shake
  • The woman eating a bowl of Indomie without a care in the world
  • The woman who rolled down her window to lay the red lipstick using the side mirror
  • The man and woman who keep staring at each other with loving looks for over an hour. Yuck.
          Yes I trailed them. lol
At 6am, the roads are an amazing sight!. So much to see, so much to laugh at, so much to learn especially the art of multi-tasking, so much to smile at.
All from 6am and beyond.
Mwuah. Have a beautiful weekend!

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