Monday, 23 December 2013

Chase away the nightmares of your heart!

First, I noticed her by the dressing room in the store at the mall. She stood, back straight, her eyes pleading to her husband if she could remove the dress she had tried on for him. In a room, full with over 50 people, he kept commanding, turn left, turn right, turn back...

I observed the situation and noted that the woman looked very very uncomfortable and sad. I walked on to the shoe section...we all have our pain.

 I joined the queue minding my business, looking hot like fire. It is what I do. It is who I am.

It was not very long when I turned around and noticed 'the husband' on the phone, gold wedding band glistening, sunshades arched over his forehead, loud 'recognize me' voice booming at the pay counter and the wife standing behind him.

He got off the phone and boomed out 'did you give me the 3000 naira?' she scurried to his side and declared in a shaky voice that she did. I felt physical pain.

She looked like a woman who had suffered emotional and physical abuse? What should I have done? What does one do?

***That woman is a reflection of the nightmares many people carry. By Daylight, you see them in traffic, all dolled up, tears running down their chicks. Afraid to cry in front of you and I for fear of gossip or fear of ridicule.

The men force themselves to go to the office and function like robots,

But the nightmares are there, re-occurring, but you stay there hoping it will sort itself out.

But it hasn't. Days have passed. Weeks. Months. Years. Decades...and you still hope.

Today, wake up the beast in you and chase away that nightmare of your heart. While you are at it, chase away the person(s) who cause(s) it

No, you won't end up lonely. No, you do not have to please everybody. Yes, you can be happy, Yes, you will be fine.

But like I say it is thru my eyes, you don't have to agree.

Monday, 9 December 2013

We sleep in graves to stay alive!

On Saturday, I woke up pretty early to run some errands.

I decided however, to stop at the car wash to give my car a good deserved wash.
As I stood there, looking all fine and eating my chin-chin from Lagos Island, I got approached by all sorts of characters.  A drunk who insisted on sharing my isale-eko snack, a buffoon who thought speaking through his nose equates speaking 'phonetics'. Like I said, different characters.
However, I was approached by this two men who started of by asking how the fuel consumption of my vehicle was.
I thought 'eeeerrrh' move along please...
Somehow, they mentioned they were in the army and that got my immediate attention. I then proceeded to tell them about how I hated them and their sister defence organization-the police. I daresay, they got an earful.
Then they started narrating their own stories which stopped me in my tracks.
The both talked about how many of their colleagues had died because they were posted to areas like Maiduguri, Yobe etc. Men with young children, men whose children would grown up without a father. For the love of Nigeria.
They told me how sometimes, they hid in the bush for months, without the basic amenities of life No water, no food, no telephone calls, no sort of communication. Sometimes they said, they slept in graves for days just to avoid detection. They believed we are fighting a guerrilla war against a faceless people.
They said they would chase a Boko Haram suspect and the suspect would run into a home and the owners of the home, would hide the suspect.
They believed the Boko Haram facet is been sponsored internationally with some northern leaders serving as middle men.
As I heard all of their stories, I realised that many of us do not have a clue what is really going on in our country. When Boko Haram kills now, we don't even flinch, it becomes news till Iyanya releases a new single. Our leaders are so busy getting ready for re-election and stealing the country blind that our nation's security has become porous.
When will this all end? The security men are tired. No one is looking out for them. If the line of defence is weak, what hope is there for you and I?
We need to kill the beast NOW!