Friday, 25 October 2013

Na woman!

There is nothing more annoying than the Nigerian phrase 'Na Woman'

You drive gently because you do not want to want to scratch your vehicle and the crazy motorist with limited understanding of your driving choice  shouts from his 'conceited' vehicle  angle 'na woman'

When it is said to me, I want to get down and 'bitch-slap' some sense into the male speaker He probably does not understand that his remark is irritating and derogatory at the very least.

But you would assume that this phrase is used only by motorists but no no nope., Our so called men who think that women are a denominator to their superior complex have no qualms with using the phrase.

So here is what I say to you

a. When you see me on the road either gliding or racing, stay away from me and make sure you do not attempt to use that phrase.

b. If I start crying for absolutely no reason and your intelligence cannot explain the 'why' refrain from saying 'na woman'. Moisture or rain drops may fill your own eyes by the time I am done with you.

Oh well, what can I say, it is just through my eyes. You do not have to agree.

Yeah. Ok. Bye


Friday, 18 October 2013

Is it true ALL men cheat?

I entered into a store last night to buy something real quick and get out. (Yea, I think I have mentioned the fact that shopping sometimes gets me into trouble)
I wanted to buy this leather skater skirt I had been dreaming of for a month and was very happy to see they still had the product and in my size too. (Woohoo)
After buying, I decided to look around and see what else they had and if I could get another bargain or wait till they were on sales...suddenly I heard one lady complaining to her friend. She said 'How can he say I am fat? He says his wife looks hotter than me right now? A woman who has had three children?'
I was intrigued by the statement and angled my ears to 'ameborize' properly. This was not until I asked and analysed if this woman was speaking as a mistress to a married man?
My thoughts turned out to be the situation.
The friend told her that men say those things if they don't want to spend money or why else will he be comparing you to his wife?
eheeenhenn. Interesting.
Friend went on...'my dear buy this denim jacket that looks like what Rihanna wore on Instagram and shock him back to his senses. Wife ko, Wife ni. The man don craze'.
'Don't say that' the chic on the side cautioned.
And as if on cue, the 'dude aka married man aka man with wife and three children' calls in. Chic on the side aka mistress changes from her wafi-like voice to her Fone voice. She told him she was out shopping to shock him back to his senses and that she had not put on weight because her measurement had not changed.
They carried on a conversation and I left.
I rolled over this conversation over and over in my head and wondered what the wife would have felt if she had overheard what plans the side chic had with the husband.
I was so upset in my heart that I spoke to a friend who told me that some women (wives) have accepted that ALL men cheat. Their acceptance serves as some sort of coping mechanism. As long as they do not know. It is okay.
I have had friends tell me that ALL men cheat and so the best thing is to have children quickly and make them your world
I soooooooo do not agree.
When a spouse cheats (man or woman), you betray the heart of a loved one. You tell them they are not good enough. You mess with their minds. You mess with their self esteem.
While I understand that people get attracted to other people from time to time, the trick is never to ACT on it.

And to the ladies/men who the spouses cheat with...Nothing goes for nothing. Everyone will reap what they sow. Even if you become born-again.

But enough of my thoughts. Tell me what you think!

It is just through my eyes, you do not have to agree.

   If she said this truly, she is worse than a hypocrite