Wednesday, 18 September 2013

September Headache & THE GHETTO

In normal circumstances, when a child is born, parents and well wishers congregate to rejoice over the birth of the child.

The child represents Hope for the future.

So when September comes,  this hope for the future needs to get paid. Yes, I mean school fees.

Most people want their kids to attend really good schools that cost an arm, leg and also leave huge dollar stains on them. This is through no fault of the parents, but the Entrepreneurs who recognised failure of the public school education and  have perfected some art of providing ''good'' education for a fee.

Elsewhere, a group of children are not paid in September.

Some of them reside in a settlement called 'THE GHETTO'

Oh No, it is not located in Ajegunle but right behind all the beautiful, big bold houses on the City of David Road in the Victoria Island Extension, Oniru.

In this settlement, rolls of marijuana are sold on trays like the common 'Tom Tom' sweets.

Kids are encouraged to smoke them from the ages of 9 years old. They weed so much that they do not recognize or understand what month of the year it is, much less if they were to be paid school fees.

Most of them though, are remnants from the Kuramo Beach, some others are runaways from Ibadan etc. They have no parents, no guardians. No one to call them to order.

Some of them want to go to school or learn a trade but they are constantly tempted with cigarettes, weed, sex, rape.

Homes are made of Bamboo wood and thick nylons. When they sleep, the wind is their cover. They have no real home to protect them from the elements

I am not a parent, at least not yet.

But I reckon, that you and I can focus on 'THE GHETTO' and get children to school and homes.

Let us layer the September headache with some goodwill and give another child the opportunity to live.

That life will only breed future armed robbers who will steal from you and I to support their bad habits.

So if you don't feel like doing it for charity sake, do it for the future of the children that give you the September headache.

If you do not have the time to personally do this, Invest in NGO's like Destiny Trust (who I personally know have relocated about 20 children to a home in Awoyaya and put them in schools), Slum2School project etc. You can use Google to find out more.

Let our future generation live with less violence, darkness.

Perhaps, a better Nigeria may be born with our actions.

Let us focus on 'THE GHETTO'

***Warning: If you wish to go to 'THE GHETTO', dress down. Or if you want to go, please go with a number of people. And when approached by anyone, please do not display Fear.


  1. Hmm! I have always thought about this growing number of street children around. And you're right! how safe is this country for our own children that we spend so much on when some other children are growing up as criminals in the same environment? We really have to act in our little way. Can you give me more info about this Slum2School or Destiny Trust? I want to know how I may be of help.

    1. I apologize for responding late, You contact any of the following people for more information. 08034651702 (Bimbo), 08052076628(Wumi) and 08168983655 (Ginika).