Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I just discovered Facebook...I am real busy.

I lay out my clothes for the fashion shoot I need to do today (I hope I metioned that I am also the photographer)
My white blouse and black skirt and red 'agbalumo' look alike accessory shall be the first outfit that I shall rotate in, in an effort to take pictures of myself.
Did you see that picture, I have gotten 5 likes from those boys even the ones that don't really know me.
What did I tell you?
I am hot.
Now to the second one, where is that sunglasses I bought in 'Go Slow' ehn? That orange 'glass will go with the white trouser and orange top from 'Atmosphere'. Yes O. Wan gba.
Bisi, where are you now, where is my silver lipstick and chocolate liner, abi, you want to spoil my colour 'combinason' in my photoshoot?
O ya je ki ori e pe. Mscheeeew.
Oya, angle turn, pomo lips in 'pout' style. Gegen, mo so, this is how I do.
That is it, my second picture, I have 7 likes.
Yes, I am officially a babe.
Mscheew, daddy has come home, I shall continue tomorrow, Facebook and I forever..
And this is how the picture taker who just discovered Facebook is seen through my eyes.
And those of y'all who think you are ''tush'' and are laughing, remember you do the same s**t on Instagram.
Gros Bisous

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