Thursday, 29 August 2013

Popular paupers.

They are everywhere.

They are famous as a result of the job they do. You know some of them as fashion designers, some of them as entrepreneurs, some others as Disc Jockeys, some others are Radio & TV Personalities.

They work hard at their jobs but the remuneration is usually way less than their popularity.

They try so hard to buy expensive phones, buy vehicles on credit. They try to live up to the expectations that you and I create for them. They work really hard on their jobs but they do not get money that equates their popularity.

They attend all the parties, wear the right clothes, photograph with the right people. They keep hoping that they will meet the connections that will change their financial status in the not so distant future

When you see them, you hurry to take pictures with them. There is absolutely no way you could have guessed that the value of the pictures is the coins in which they are paid for their popularity.The act and the pictures is the currency in which they are paid for their popularity.

These popular paupers work as hard (sometimes even harder) than those with the regular jobs. Most people think they are committed fun seekers because their names are not attached to a prefix like Doctor, Barrister. I disagree, they have jobs, more importantly, bills to pay.

So on behalf of the popular paupers, I say stop paying with coins and pay enough for us to pay our bills.
Gros Bisous.