Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Inside you are a wasteland

I see you.
Your Cartier bag, your Rolex does not fool me.
You smile with perfection adorned by your perfect set of white teeth, your manners are...(let us just say that the Queen of England would envy your manners)
Sometimes you are considered intelligent, some other times, you and I both know that you have no clue what side of the spectrum you belong.
You 'try' to radiate hope, positivity and love but we that can see how that it is a mirage.
Your heart is cold, your heart is deep and evil, your heart wishes it could purge itself of all the darkness in there.
You know your heart is deceitful, cunning and opportunistic. What you really want is to hurt and use anyone who has the misfortune of knowing you.
You know that your beautiful or handsome face, your special class designer labels cannot cover the fact that inside you are a wasteland.
Gros Bisous my darlings!