Thursday, 29 August 2013

I am a cake Snob, get it right before you parade it as a business!

Lately, I find that I am a Cake snob.
I can't eat some types of cakes made by some people. It looks scary like a mix of flour, colouring, groundnut oil, smoke and stupidity.
I think if you want to make cake the focal point of your business, perhaps you should sit down and study rather than push out substandard products for my taste buds.
If you are going to make sponge cakes, please please, do it over and over again in your closet till you get it right or you can feed your immediate family with the outcome of your experiments. But till then, do not parade yourself as a cake maker.
The same goes for people who decorate cakes. I am begging you in the name of everything dear, broaden your horizon. I don't want to send you a design of a cake I want, only to have you do something drummed up from the recesses of your dark twisted mind. (Did you not see the picture or may I send you Magnifying glasses in ratio 1000 for you to see clearly?)
I am going to stop before I mention the name(s) of people who inspired this post.
Yeah Ok Bye.


  1. You didint elaborate much...