Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The deviant half

I find that I am constantly warring with the deviant half of myself.

The half that wants to bitch-slap that lady who is cussing in my face. The half that wants to just stay at home and do NOTHING!

I find that my deviant half is ready to give every lippy individual who directs the products of their lips into my direction, a dirty stare followed with some sharp retort where necessary.

My deviant half wants to drink Coca-Cola and pray there is no consequence of extended hips.

My deviant half wants to lay back, think about everyone who has hurt me from Primary school and plan an orchestrated revenge on each and every one of them.

My deviant half wants to go for a half year vacation and still get paid at the office.

Stop rolling your eyes at my deviant half.

I see your deviant half.  I see you struggling with sleeping with married men for a fee. I see your deviant half accepting that all you are good for is a lay around.

Your deviant half terrifies you. You spend so much money on alcohol trying to impress friends that do not give a hoot about you or your content. You refuse to grow balls to conquer your deviant half.

I see how your deviant half makes you do stupid things. That girl you thought you could have a fling with while your wife was at home has now reported you to the SFU (Special Fraud Unit) and now you have been dragged to court over some business you did with her.

The deviant half struggles for domination. It wars with the good, the better part of ourselves.

I promise you, the deviant half can be controlled. It can be stayed.

I know. I am in the process of controlling mine.

Control your deviant half before it wrecks you.

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  1. Hmmm! Such a true statememt!!! We all face our deviant acts in our lives but striving to overcome it and sticking to positive principles is the key! Blessing Meteke!