Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Someone said 'Not a good article or person'. Do you agree?

Brief History

A while back, I posted an article on 'What about the short men?' Ateyelevel tumblr account reposted some part of the article and posted the link to my blogsite for readers to read the rest. It appears that one of those readers did not find what I posted funny nor did he find what I posted on Am I gay Lover? ''

So read what this lovely person had to say


You posted this link  awhile back, and just no. 
While other men get increasingly confused/burdened by the ways of a woman, the short man has nearly mastered the art of getting a woman in a controlled state.
Do you not see the blatant misogyny in this at all? Yes, the author is a woman, that doesn’t change the fact that the whole “women need to be controlled" trope is misogynist.
Short men were the boys who were small in school and bullied by bigger boys. Some became bitter and hateful. Some others assessed the situation, noted their perceived disadvantages and did something about it.
They learnt the art of sweet speaking & complimenting (something no woman however hard is immune to), egoistic (where the need arose), pressuring when ignored. They obtained additional lessons from books, male gist, the roving Internet and women whose opinion they revered.
This is so goddamn heteronormative it hurts, just to begin with. Not like that should be surprising, considering the author is blatantly homophobic, albeit under the air of “oh I don’t hate them, I just think what they do is wrong and they’re on the wrong path and ‘choosing’ to be gay even though God says they should be straight". Vomit.

It’s fine if you personally want to shill the whole narrative of “I was bullied for being short and so found ways to ‘make up for it’" but neither you nor the author of this piece should be painting all the “good" short men with the same brush. I thought the whole point of anti-heightism was to simply bring equality, to show that it’s not better to be tall than short and short people are just people and deserve respect. What if you were a bullied short man (or male-perceived person) and you didn’t do all that stuff, while not bitter or hateful you were shy* and didn’t want to be a part of “male gist" (whatever the hell that is)? Are you suddenly “not making an effort" whereas someone of a taller stature would just be being themselves?

(*And not the passive-aggressive NiceGuyTM “shy", in case that needed to be stated. Looking at any d-bags who use terms like “friendzone" and “girls just like bad boys/alphas.)

You need to be careful who you link to and really think about the content of posts. Heightism affects me, and I don’t want it to get dismissed because people can take a look at blogs like yours and come away with the impression that it’s mainly a bunch of straight dudes whining about not getting dates and acting like it’s the last frontier of discrimination (major hint: it’s not). Especially this whole “but would they dare say such blatant things about women/PoC/gay people in this day and age?" thing.

 The answer is yes, yes they would. And there are also more subtle ways of discrimination which I would hope that you could also appreciate. If someone doesn’t actually say “I don’t respect short people" but then goes on to ignore a short person’s contributions, laugh at them when they try to take charge, make “awww so cute, no, I respect you, really" comments, don’t you think that’s just as bad if not worse than a singular “urgh short people are so annoying" comment? At least with the latter you can actually directly address what they’re saying.

Anyway point is I like to keep an eye on both yours and The Social Complex’s blog to make sure that you’re not stuffing up on other axes of discrimination, and I just felt that this really needed to be said. I don’t think you’re doing too bad (and TSC is doing quite well for the most part) but after reading that link I wanted to go over some stuff that doesn’t seem to get too much airtime (posttime? tumblrtime?) over here. I’ll also be submitting a copy of this to TSC, just so they see it about the same time as you.


  1. Here is my reply to TPD
    @TPD. For some reason, I looked up the blog TSC and saw this comment on my article. I wrote the piece on 'How about the short men?' because I looked around and saw that many of them were disadvantaged in love. I wrote from a social standpoint as a woman. And I believe the end of my post clearly stated that perhaps true love could be found with the short man. So I don't understand why you have taken my words and read them out of context.
    Regarding my post on 'Gayness'. You understand that I have a right to my views. It is reverse discrimination to say that I should be careful to speak about my opinions and views on Homosexuality. What is even more disturbing is the fact that you are trying to write me off as a writer because I hold such views. You are entitled to your opinion and indoctrination and I am entitled to mine.

  2. ha ha ha ha . Some people of smaller stature (note my political correctness by not using the word 'short')can be overly sensitive. Discrimination fa! For expressing an opinion. She is basing it on those she has come in contact with, not all the sh...small statured people in the world. Dude needs to chill. I am all for political correction.... but is small doses.

  3. Hehehehe. I think u really did hit a nerve this time. Men don't like to be "MEASURED" or 'SIZED' in all aspects (u know were else am referring to)*winks*
    Is he short too? or pardon me, of "smaller stature" saying "Heightism affects me" Lol. And yes, deploying big words/vocabulary really fabricates intelligence. Dude really needs to chill haba, oluwa is involved na.