Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Are you Lagos strong?

Can you shout NEPA when electrical power goes out?
Can you jump on a moving public bus so you can get to work on time?
When your care tyres are spent and touching the money in your account will mean suicide, do you know the 'koro' where the sell used tyres?
Can you spend more than half of your salary on a party (birthdays, baby dedications etc) to impress colleagues, friends and enemies?
Do you know three (3) alternative routes to your home?
Have you figured out what you will do when you are attacked by Armed robbers, kidnappers etc?
Have you you figured out the different health centres you will visit when you have
a. minor issues (Pharmacy)
b. semi major issues (HMO'd hospitals)
c. definitely major issues (Specialized hospital
 Do you have a relative you will dump your kids with, when you need to party or run from their incessant crying?
Can you withstand the constant cheating by your so-called vehicle mechanics when you take your vehicles to them?
Can you endure at least 3 hours of traffic everyday to and fro work?
Can you afford to buy nice things at twice the price because of ticket cost etc?
Can you afford to pay for everything including water, soil. The only thing that is free is AIR.
Can you afford the aso-ebi that may cost an arm and a leg for your friends and family. It is the accepted way of showing support.
Are you sure you are Lagos strong?


  1. Ibilola you are very funny.....just remembered Fela's song titled suffering and smiling which we all are doing in Lagos especially...nice one

  2. Can u pay ur Ipad, Iphone and bb data plan all for swag with ur meager salary?

    Can u pay N1000 for gate fee to get into a 'PUBLIC" beach and pay triple the price for a coke cos government decides their family ain't rich enough and deserves a whole beach?

    Can u pay thru multiple Toll gates?

    Can u go to the club and pay 3x more for a bottle of liquor?

    Can u go for a show and pay crazy to watch, not a foreigner but ur own local artiste perform?

    Can u order for pizza when ur gf comes around and u know fully well u get foodstuff for house and u broke?

    Can u attend the same church with folks that ur salary are their tithe and still try keep up with them?

    Can u smell nice and still look good with an anorexic wallet??
    ....My brother, Welcome to your new home..LAGOS!

  3. lol!Lagos na wah o!all so true