Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What about the short men?

If two ladies were introduced to two men, one short and the other tall, chances are that both ladies will be immediately attracted to the tall man. Somehow, the world has indoctrinated into our hearts that the tall men are the handsome, good looking and possibly intelligent men.
Please add this pre-conceived notion to biceped shaped body and we have a WOW guy and moment when introduced to a lady for the first time.
Now, Biko, what about the short men?
I have seen ladies give up relationships with men for the singular reason that he was short. Short men were the boys who were small in school and bullied by bigger boys. Some became bitter and hateful. Some others assessed the situation, noted their perceived disadvantages and did something about it.
They learnt the art of sweet speaking & complimenting (something no woman however hard is immune to), egoistic (where the need arose), pressuring when ignored. They obtained additional lessons from books, male gist, the roving Internet and women whose opinion they revered.
So this new breed of men-the short men have a lot more stease than your perceived regular or tall men. While other men get increasingly confused/burdened by the ways of a woman, the short man has nearly mastered the art of getting a woman in a controlled state.
Ladies, you have heard my premise, would it be safe to say then that we all have a greater chance of love with short men? Do you suppose that they might be more sensitive to us, more in tune with our demands and more importantly love us beyond reason?
Shortness is not a disease, perhaps it may be the secret ingredient to a happy life if paired with a short man. But hey, what do I know, it is just through my eyes and my somewhat futile attempt to psychoanalyse.
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  1. Funny...........Now the short dudes are dominating e.g Chinedu Okezie aka paw paw

  2. @Obinna Chukz

    To make schoolboys laugh...

  3. Do not have any beef with short men, but am sure glad am not SHORT!