Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The poisonous tongue

I will never understand people who go around the workplace spreading half stories or outright lies so that it appears to 'management' that they are doing their jobs. They are like snakes in the grass, snaking in every corner pretending that they are friends and then going behind to tell stories (sometimes they believe are true)
Their tongues slippery like a snake bathed in oil move from camp to camp, office to office spreading stories modified by their slippery tongue all for attention and appearance.
Their tongues wage war against the truth, against hope, against personal pains, against personalities. They carry the shoulders high confident that they have spread the word around enough that no one can question the string of sentences with loopholes
They create false perceptions, sow the seed of person-under-attack-incompetence. They use the unhappy foundation of their lives to guide their expressions of people's weaknesses.
Gossip is their mane, Mis-communication is the air they breathe.
They glide, they soar, happy that everyone has bought into the lies and half-truths they have woven into a parsley coverlet.
But I smile.
If only they could and hear what other people have to say about them. They forget that they have committed sins in the past and that it is remembered daily like a fragrance by the people who they have offended.

They have secret sins that some know about which is a source of constant shame.
So we smile...we know those that are lying in wait like a cat waiting for them to make mistakes too, so that we may pounce on them.
War is war. And actions are not fair when it comes to war.

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