Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Nigerian Police; Public Force or Guns for Hire!

The Police!!!

I usually get enraged by this phrase. I have never seen an institution created to protect who cause a menace like the Nigerian Police Force.

First off, I think their name should be changed to 'Guns for hire'. They do not protect the citizens of the country. The only protect those who have money (obtained legally or illegally). Their slogan should read 'we are the police, we will protect you for a fee'

Corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of the police force. Corruption is their anthem

Common Brand Pointers of the Nigerian Police Force

1. They carry naked weapons and point them at commuters at will
2. Nigerians are very afraid of the police, consequently, they leverage on the fear and show you and I pepper.
3. The IGP's recruited never have a clue as to how to manage with the police force. Frankly they need to be re-instructioned
4. They work for the interest of the few; the government and their aides. Haven't you every wondered where the fee of numerous policemen who escort the important people come from? Well guess, they come from the tax you and I pay.
5. I have known a couple of policemen, some of them marry more than one wife and then they scream to anyone who can hear that they earn a meagre salary, who does that?
6. Funny thing, when an important foreign dignitary arrives the country and there is traffic, the 'Guns for Hire' bully every person and vehicle on the streets for passage of foreign dignitary vehicle. Can you imagine?
There is no police station you take a matter to, you will be expected to bribe the officials for one thing or the other. The police do not protect the citizens, they exploit them. They are usually at the beckon of the Commissioner of Police. The COP's friends are the ones who use policemen for varying activities
I don't know if there are any steadfast genuine Nigerian Policemen anymore, but one thing is for sure you and I have a better chance at protecting ourselves than the Nigerian Police Force.
Pleas go ahead and state any encounters you may have had with the Nigerian Police.

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  1. firstly their uniforms should be changed that is where the reforms can start from and then they should be given pistols instead of the AK47s they carry.