Monday, 10 June 2013

The Nigerian girl: what we deal with, what we will no longer tolerate!

Most Nigerian girls are trained from childhood to run a home. At an early age, the mum insists on her cleaning dishes, serving guests, looking after the younger ones etc. At that young age, the girl finds it really cool to do what grown ups are doing.
Fast forward to Teenagehood.
The Nigerian girl has metamorphosed into going to the market to buy raw food for the home, cooks the meals for the whole house (at the late teens). She finds it irritating.
At the earliest opportunity, when she obtains admission to the university, she cannot wait to take a breath. Be naughty, do the things her friends do, have a boyfriend, leave school for the weekend. All she wants is a break from this regimented life her parents have mapped out for her.
The years at the University soon fly by and the baby girl now a woman resumes back at home. The only difference is that she has a job but she would give anything just to live alone. She still helps around the house but she wished she didn't. Between work and herself, she is just plain tired. Her parents have told her that she would move from their home to her husband's house
With all the craziness parading as marriages these days, my girl wants to take her time. She wants to discover who she is, make mistakes and find out the lifestyle that works for her sanity.
So she says
1. I don't need a husband to put a roof over my head
2. I need to find out who I am
3. I don't want to change slave masters for me to be a complete woman i.e father to husband.
4. I need to discover myself to be a great companion to any man
5. I am not a slave. I am a daughter, I am a lady. I am woman.
So men, when you complain about women wanting to shackle you, perhaps you should take out time and ask if they truly want to be shackled to you. Most of them just want a measure of freedom...and you were their way out! Yep. You appeared to be the ticket to freedom.
I personally think if women were allowed to live alone and make mistakes, the rate of incompetent marriages will reduce and the act of cheating by women spouses will slow down 
But what do I know???

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