Monday, 24 June 2013

The confessions of a drama queen

I am most definately a drama queen.

I love attention. And even though most people consider me patient and well regulated, truth is I cannot pass a moment to be a woman with drama.

I nag (please don't tell my husband, I will deny confessing to that) when things don't go the way I want it to. I cry at the slightest hurt, I plan revenge in my heart when some one hurts me (only to be chastised by God during my quiet time), I love to the extremes (I guess that is why I expect people to love me by showering gifts in the extremes)
I say what is on my mind, I yell, I scream. I pray for my Range Sport. I am incoherent when I am crying. I want my man to know already what hurts me and stay by my side till I feel safe enough to open up.
 I am not a hater but I hate that b***h with the slim bud. *sigh* yet Coke/Pepsi is my best friend. Perhaps I should sue them for creating 'addiction'. No I cannot blame myself for the addiction. I blame Coca-cola.
I want to be a little girl again, to be looked after by my mum and dad. But I don't want to trade the pleasures I feel with my husband. Yea, like I said, drama queen.
I love people coming to visit me at home but sometimes really I just want to be left alone to sleep, fantasize and possibly watch the latest episode of 'True Blood'
I have loads and loads of shoes but truth is I wear just about 20% of them. Is that not crazy?
I am not very practical when I am emotional and this conflicts with the very dictates of my profession.

I love love but I won't admit in public, really don't want anyone thinking I am a girly girl.

So when people say I am a drama queen, I don't get upset, I accept it and I won't change it for the world. It is what makes me woman.

 Signed Drama Queen

So all y'all drama queens, narrate your drama queeness on here. The men that love them too, go on ahead and drop a line too.

Tommorrow, I am gonna be posting an article by Tunji Andrews. It is an article I have had to war with posting.  All of it here. Stay tuned.

Have a fruitful day.


  1. I love that special kinda drama/nag that has an expiration date (2hrs max) cos some ladies can go on and on and on and that's termed B***ching it gives us dudes high BP and one of its few medication is running to the bar with the pleasant welcoming smiles of the cute bar-tending ladies. But for health reasons pls pick her calls when she's asking "WHERE R U"

  2. i wish they run out of words like cell minutes...........the world would be a better place......