Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My life is over but...

I was a little girl jumping up in my daddy's arms.

I was a teenager, styled in my dungarees and platform hooker heels trying to be cool like the girl group of my times.

I was a late teenager in the university trying to be mature and cool at the same time that it hurt my mind.

I was the shy girl that LW asked out in my second year of the university. I was finally experiencing all the grown up feelings I had heard and read about.

I was the beautiful serious minded lady who never joked with her studies and her friends

I was the girl who then lost her way, became distracted by lots of irrelevant things

I was the girl who was so eager to start earning money that I began business as a student

I was the girl who did her NYSC and was not the least interested in serving her country

I was the girl who found a job, so excited and called friends who exchanged pay day rates.

I was the girl who after three years at the job felt unfulfilled

I was the girl who found the man of her dreams and got married.

I was the girl who after marriage wished I had remained single

I was the girl who had one, then two, now three kids.

I am the girl who wants to hide from all the responsibilities I am faced with. Would give anything to ride out on a jet with no worries.

I am the girl who celebrated her 40th birthday party in style.

My 50th was even grander, there was much more money and clout.

At my 60th, I held my husband, glad that I had found my soul mate in life

Now It is almost dusk

I wake up thankful for the life I have had, for the husband, for the children. But did I really do what I wanted for myself. Did I fulfil my own purpose???

Now I sleep...

You still have a chance baby girl.

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  1. Ahan my sister...your posts are becoming more interesting