Friday, 28 June 2013

ilsa aida's love

I laid down on my favourite sofa chair about a week ago, convinced that I did not have much to be grateful for. I mean I didn't have this and that, I was not yet doing this and that, somethings I had worked on were yet to crystallize and so on and so on.
Then I reflected on 2012.
I realised I could only be lying down on that sofa chair as a result of God's goodness. The fires have burned, the storms have raged, my soul was almost lost, but somehow Jesus who I trust and love brought me through stronger.
So today, as I add another year, I want to thank you for loving me, I want to thank him for surrounding me with love at every turn. He has never left me comfortless, he has granted me favour. What people have called luck in my life, I am certain was God's grace.

And to the wonderful people who read my blog, how u doing??? Birthdays are a big deal with me and my family. Do y'all have the same birthday fever like I do?
I love you all very much. Keep reading, so much more to come.

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