Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hi. This is Townplanner Ibikunle...

Today, my colleague received a call and the conversation went like this
Caller: Is this Barrister D**ji?
Colleague: Yes. Please who I am speaking to?
Caller: I am Town planner Akindele.
Stop. Say what? We all rolled with laughter. Haba. Is that how much he needed to feel relevant? Introducing himself with the prefix of Town Planner?
But it is the norm here. We put the title of the profession before our names hoping that it would make us more important than we really are. We put Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer (Barrister) etc. I am inclined to believe that if we had Astronauts here, such a person would introduce himself as Astronaut Ayokunle.
I have heard people introduce themselves as Chief Dr Alhaji ****, I suppose the elderly man imagined that he would garner respect from his attendant audience. I daresay, he generated mirth and mouthy replies.
The same applies to people who introduce themselves with the names of the degrees they have earned. i.e Chief Mrs. Bunmi Shodipo LL.B, B.L, BA. PHD. Can you imagine that? I wanted to suffocate from embarrassment. Seriously?
Let us try and imagine Barack & Michelle Obama say 'Hello World, I am Senator Barrister Barack Obama and this is my wife Chief Mrs. Senoir Barrister Michelle Obama. Please be honest will you not shake your head?
Careers do not define your worth. They may act as a stepping stone. But they are far from defining who you are.
 So whenever you are tempted to introduce yourself as Surveyor Tunde, Radio Personality George or Blogger Ibilola, remember that it don't define us. We will still be alive if everything else dies.
So excited about the posts for the remainder of the week. A whole lot more to come
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Love you guys. Mwuah.

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  1. Its the norm in this part of the world, everyone just wanna suppress and intimidate the other fellow..There was one time a pic of a complimentary card went viral on twitter and it read thus; "Friend To The Governor" like seriously?