Friday, 7 June 2013

Click here to view the face of a cheat

Laughing out loud, laughing out really loud.

What were you expecting to see?

The face of ...

Now get a mirror... I am hoping that your face will reflect back at you. You have cheated once in your life!

No? You say No?

Okay then, let me walk you down the road into times past when you did.

-Remember that time you cheated the system and paid a bit less to get your drivers license done?

-Remember that time you wrote the class test for your friend in Secondary School?

-Remember that time when you made a list of books and provisions for secondary school and inflated the prices or the number?

-Remember when you forged signatures for your NYSC clearance letter?

-Remember that time when you cheated during exams. You stretched your neck like a giraffe and copied your neighbours paper?

-Remember when you smuggled answer sheets into examination halls?

-Remember when you boarded that train without buying a ticket?

-Remember when you arrived at the airport late to board a plane and there was a long queue so you made up stories to have the airline officials personally escort you to the counter and help you board way out of line?

-Remember when you left home late because you wanted to sleep in but lied to your employer that you had to visit the hospital?

-Remember when you travelled on vacation but said your dad was terminally ill in the village?

-Remember when you lied to your boyfriend/spouse that you were in school but you were in another man's arms?

-Remember when you lied to your girlfriend/spouse that you were working late in the office but you were on a date with another woman?

Oh well, you will agree that you have cheated once in your life.

Now, Go and cheat no more!

Have a fab weekend everyone!

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  1. Ok, I'm guiilty of just two o! Sleeping in and lying to my oga...and inflating the prices of books and co!!! Hehehehehe... But I guess I'm still a good girl compared to some others

  2. *lips sealed*...i comment my reserve

  3. Oh please... Remember the times i didn't get caught? at all, its simply "Mental Shortcuts" or Manipulation Techniques. I have an e-book on it self and i could avail for a fee.