Thursday, 13 June 2013

Am I a gay lover???

Today, I had several discussions about the issue of Same Sex relationships at work. And it was truly amazing. A colleague narrated an experience where Bisi Alimi (The first Nigerian to out himself as a Gay man on National Television, specifically on Funmi Iyanda's show) hugged him in school and he could feel his 'hard on". (sorry but I had to be descriptive)

On Instagram & other social medias, I have followed people only to discover they were lesbians or homosexuals.

Now at work, at socializing, I am confronted with the reality that one day I will have to evaluate my attitude towards these people. Last December, my younger brother who lives in Canada was complaining bitterly about how he is unable to speak about Homosexual acts that bother him at the workplace.

Slowly, the media, social circles, Nigerian kids who schooled abroad and who have returned are creating a foundation that makes it okay to be a lesbian or homosexual and most importantly tolerate their actions.

I am a Christian. And I cannot condone Homosexuality & Lesbianism. The simple logic is we were created for a reason by a Creator, when do we then wake up and tell our Creator that we have found other use for the organs he has created us with. It is the situation where the created is telling the creator how he would like to use his sexual organs. i.e deviating from the original use. If you were the creator, what would be your reaction?

And despite criminalizing the act in Nigeria, many many people are closet Gays. The Lesbians hide under the fact that they are sharing accommodation spaces and do what they do. The Homosexuals carry out the wishes of the society and marry a wife who they rarely have sex with and maintain the homosexual relationships outside they take trips abroad under the business disguise.

For me the real issue is how does one separate the Act from the Individual. How do you love a person after you learn of their sexual preference? Is tolerating them not discriminating against what I believe to be the truth?

I have observed that most lesbians are girls that were not pretty enough to be cool, big/fat, tall, awkward, many whose sources of love was from a best friend(girl), sisters or parents. I do not believe this to be the exhaustive reasons for why people become lesbians.

And I have absolutely no reasons as to why people become homosexuals though I may have some thoughts.

It is no longer creeping into our society, It is there and we are getting influenced day by day why we need to tolerate the act. While I have love for all lesbians and homosexuals, I do not condone the act. It is an unnatural use of sex organs and no, no one was born that way. It is a lifestyle choice.

Even more disturbing for me is the fact that they are allowed to raise children. I am against this by every fibre in my being. Give the kids a chance to make their own choices, don't indoctrinate them from the beginning and give them a foundation of ridicule.

So Yes I love love the lesbians and homosexuals. I believe they are misguided but I absolutely hate the act and I detest even more people trying to convince me and societies that there is nothing wrong with it.

But like I say, it is just through my eyes. My thoughts as I see them.

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  1. Murderers. Pedophiles and sinners like you and I are allowed to have kids. Why can't they? Who cares what two CONSENTING ADULTS does in the privacy of their own room? Why are we taking panadol for their headache? this did not start today. Even the bible talked about it. I don't know a single gay person, but even if I did. That's between he/she and God. Let me carry my own cross. The only problem I have with them is the constant 'I am gay' "I am gay'. No one would care if they are, if they didn't take so much pride in talking about it as if anyone should care.
    Really, they should leave us alone with d constant propaganda and we should leave them alone with our constant judging and disdain

    1. Hera, it is fine if they choose to be closet lesbians or homosexuals. My worry is that they are indoctrinating growing children. It is no secret that the media influences actions. So I say, don't influence my actions, don't influence my kids. I have that right.

  2. Even the so called gay people know there is something wrong with there lifestyle,that's y they r so defensive about it even wen no one is condemning them.

  3. Honestly am waiting on the day it would no longer make news when someone steps out and say 'Am gay" truth is it don't bother me keep your shit together.

    #Random. I think there are more serious issues out there and i also believe our generation would make this country work, we don't believe in stockpiling wealth like our folks, we love the Fendi's Ferrari's and champagne. Our generation would provide good roads, education, electricity etc BUT....we'll say good bye to morals and values. Trust me when i say the next generation in Nigeria would sign on same-sex marriage, and this time its gonna be through all our eyes.

    1. Morals and Values is now a very relative term Dapo

    2. This is a great write-up, whether anyone agrees or not! This is one reason i respect and admire the owner of the blog!!! I wonder why homosexuality would be advertized so much that more people find themselves going into it, people that hitherto didnt have it in them venture into it simply because the world has embraced it! I wonder why they keep talking about it, confessing on air and telling everyone they are gay, if truly it is a normal thing, i dont think we would be seeing such! Please the homos should keep it to themselves, we dont want to hear about it, just like the straight guy/lady that commits fornication, gays are also human beings and sinners but they shouldnt rub it on the world, they shouldnt allow the young ones feel it is a normal thing, unless they are trying to play the role of the devils advocate, which would not be strange to me because the world has accepted evil as good and socked it in so much that good becomes scarce in their dictionaries! My advise to all is to be in the world and not of the world, remove your eyes from evil and under no circumstance must you be influenced by evil!!! THANKS-BLESSING VICTOR METEKE.

    3. Blessing, you could not have said it better. I totally agree with you, let everyone keep their proclivities to themselves, They don't have a right to influence our morals and values by debasing themselves on the media.