Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tunji Andrew is at it again: He says...

Goodbye my Lover, Goodbye my Friend.
The firm tip lay gently at the rim of the perfectly shaped entrance
where my lips had once been. The steady flow of nectar had my eyes
glistering in need, swelling lustful emotions from the abyss of my
longing soul. I fought hard to keep my desires in check, the sweet
scents whiffing through my nostrils, as I clasped my lips again softly
around its edge, electrifying my taste buds with the sour taste of its
juices, sending my senses into a cataclysmic orgasm. I opened my eyes
to hold baby captive with the gaze of my eyes as she sat across the
table, a tamer, less explosive character than I once remembered, while
I basked in the after-tremors from a sip of my glass of Ribas de
Cabrera-1956. Aah! The pleasures of fine wine, and its symphonic
ability to become one with its host, unlocking those hard to reach
personality traits, stuck deep within the crevices of the brain; what
can I say, I love my wine.

I expected a lashing from Baby, and the longer it took her eyes to
light up in rage, the more confused I became, see, Baby detested being
kept waiting, a fact that I grew to perfectly understand in our time
together, and yet in some astounding show of courage, I managed to get
there over an hour late. My brain raced frantically, as my thoughts
performed its own rendition of the Harlem shake, ‘she must have a new
way of exploding’ I thought to myself as i held my breath, waiting for
all of hell to break loose; but, it never came. This, may have been a
sadomasochistic craving, but I then realised, with a tinge of
disappointment that this, though still very beautiful lady seated
before me was no longer the girl I once knew. Baby had somehow lost
some of her thunder, that spark that made her unusual, the entire
story told by the pain in her eyes, accentuated by her drooping
shoulders and unhappy demeanour. The spring in her step, the flirt in
her smile, the sexiness in her swag, all gone; this could not be true,
I mean, how did this happen, where was my Baby, where was my soul

I would never forget that blue dress she had on the first day I set my
eyes on her, it seemed chiselled to her body as it divulged every
curve on her body. I stopped; speechless as she walked towards me, in
the most amazing and graceful ballet-like walk I had ever seen, my
heart skipping a beat as her eyes caught mine, and in an instant,
flashed me a look that was midway between flirtatious and shy, gosh,
this was a goddess sent to take my soul to ecstasy. I was the personal
assistant to the coordinator of our fellowship at the time, a position
I shamelessly used to my advantage whenever I had to, trying to sound
calm as I took her details for “a member database”, the smile in her
eyes telling me she knew my game, but yet, playing along. She was so
Angelina Jolie in ORIGINAL SIN, persona, dripping with sex appeal,
lips looking like honeycombs, body like heaven, Baby was from another
world and if I had to sell all I had to buy and own this precious gem,
I would; and I did.

We had the most passionate relationship ever; intensely explosive in
everyway, every chat, every kiss, every argument, every walk, every
word, seemed to be expressed in millions of mega-pixels, never
ordinary, always deep. Baby and I, were not just lovers, we were best
friends in a very strangely surreal way; our souls connected at such a
deep level, which birthed such an advanced bond that looking into her
eyes was all I needed to read her soul and vice versa. This however
became a negative, when it mixed with both our extremist personalities
and thus our passion developed into obsession, and this obsession
became the monster that began to consume us. The enemy was now within
and our dependence on each other for air was beyond unhealthy, she was
my ‘Buttercups’, I was her ‘The One’ and together, we were soulmates.
Nevertheless, even this could not stop us from being torn apart, by a
force too great to be managed by the naivety of our young hearts, the
treasured love we shared grew so fiercely passionate that it imploded
and we regrettably broke up.

We sat at the movies hand in hand; barely able to concentrate on the
feature film, trying to bury every sense of guilt the thoughts of her
fiancé was drawing attention to. We did not converse much, but our
hearts spoke epistles, translated in silence, published in our eyes,
experienced by the sweet/sour taste of strawberry fruits on her lips
and the enchanting presence of Moschino Glamour on her neck; God, I
never stopped loving her. Back in the car, the sheer vivacity of our
kiss could light up the night sky, and as we pulled away, I felt my
heart break and my eyes grow moist, powerlessly realising at this
point that she was the one for me and yet, I was letting her (my soul
mate) go. I avoided her after that day as we both struggled with
coming to the reality that we would spend the rest of our lives not in
each other’s arms. A few weeks before her wedding, she sent me a text,
expressing her frustrations at planning a wedding while still in love
with another; and my heart screamed in pain, I wanted to stop the
wedding and in one desperate attempt, declare my undying love for her,
daring the wrath of her fiancé, but, like a complete idiot, I never
did, and thus, my soul mate became help-mate to another man.

So I beg of you dear reader, should you ever meet my Baby, please tell
her that while I seek out the fillings to mend my shattered heart, the
fire it carries still burns for her. Tell her that, her smile on
Facebook still takes my breath away, tell her I can still perceive her
perfume, and most important, please tell her I still love her.

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  1. When you claim to love someone so passionately and you are not willing to take a chance, a risk, that one shot at making our short existence on this earth seem shorter (because you would never want a day to end), but ultimately more fulfilling, then it was never love.It feels more like sexual chemistry.
    On a lighter note, if this were an Indian movie, you would have stormed the wedding and taken her away. Then the groom would have chased you guys down with his gang and then you guys would have gotten into a long epic battle with the girl standing in a corner shouting "Nehi!!! Nehi!!!'............

  2. This gentleman writes well. In the beginning my perverted mind could already visualize something else then alas! its just wine.

    "my thoughts performed its own rendition of the Harlem shake" like Wow!... But what i don't get is how u let some other dude make your soul mate smile till he takes her from you, where have u been? The moon?? perhaps you never really thought she would leave, most guys are guilty of that (as i am)

    Well as we say "enough fishes in the river", get another girl'. But truth is you'll never get another like her.

    So, I'd advise you get a cat.

  3. Old English : *the whole story*
    New English: the guy fumble....Shikena

  4. Hi everyone,

    Hi, this is Tunji. Baby got to read this a few weeks back and as expected it brought back so many emotions. She is married now, with a beautiful son (yes beautiful), and happily married. I wrote that just to re-emphasize that baby does exist and these feelings i wrote of here are real.

    I feel some of the comments fail to realise that this was a story set over 6 years ago, i was young, inexperienced and terrified of what i felt. It is a guilt i will forever live with, but don't judge me thus, if you haven't been in my shoes

  5. When you find another that you can love and hold, keep her.