Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Snow White state, expecting true love's kiss!

You go wait tire!
We all know the story of a witch who encouraged Snow White to bite an apple which eventually led her to sleep for a gazillion years. The sleep ended when she received true love's kiss from Prince Charming and lived happily ever after.
Na so!
Today, I am criss crossing an allegory between this story and earthlings like you and I that are waiting for that lover's kiss to do something right with our lives.
Some are waiting for the perfect spouse, some the perfect car, some the perfect business, some are just plain focusless, while some others have done every degree imaginable to man but are clueless about what they really want to do.
My darlings, you are in a Snow White sleep state.
That lover's kiss might never come. That shining bulb that is supposed to illuminate your senses and guide you to your path and direction may not appear.
If it is not too much trouble, please telepathically ask a relative to jumpstart your heart from the Snow White state because darling, things are happening! Do not have an excuse to remain in your vegetative state.
With this few words of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that the Snow White state is bad for your mind and health.
Gros Bisous.

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  1. THIS IS DEEP!!!Ironically, most of us find ourselves in this state, where we expect a miracle without working for it, where we sit down and feel manna would fall from heaven. If we dont make that move, we would remain in a vegetative state like you rightly said! The time to stand is now, the time to take the bull by the horn is now, so that our action would bring the prince charming long before we expect him!!! THANKS- BLESSING VICTOR METEKE.