Thursday, 30 May 2013

The musings of a single Lagos girl

I noticed him. Then he walked up to me and started a conversation. He was attentive, he made me laugh. He was the new guy in the office.

Today, I am paying good mind to what I wear. Maybe I should try this denim jacket on the polka dotted skirt and the pair of red shoes my mum gave to me or the pair of trousers which make me appear taller with this chiffon shirt-blouse.

Saturday is Chinenye's wedding, I wonder if Kinle will attend the function with me. He had mentioned when we spoke that he didn't have many friends in Lagos and he was often bored during the weekends.

Meanwhile I heard that the wedding team at Bella Naija will be at Chinedu's wedding. Kai. I must look hawt. Don't want anybody abusing me if my picture lands on the Bella Naija website.

How do I afford to buy a pair of designer shoes? Everyone has them. Louboutins why do you evade me??? *tears tears*

Aaaaaaaawwww look at that dude and girl. They are so ooooooo cute together **dreamyeyes** I hope my hubby and I will look that good together.

Mehn! That wedding was classy with a C. Loved loved the dress, should ask her where she got it from so I can include it in my private wedding to-do booklet.

I need to get a vehicle big time, all this cab taking and waiting for a man to pick me is soooo irritating.

Looking into the mirror: I think I am a fine woman. And I have got curves like Beyonce, just need to tone down the belly.

To be honest, Tunde is a cool guy. But he is way too sweet and nice. I need me a little bad boy. Not all the way bad, just a little bad. Tunde is a goody two shoes. But as no one else has proposed, perhaps I ought to give him a chance...

I need to lose weight. Green Tea, Green world, herbs, anything just give me so I can slim down miraculously like Simi. Infact let me take a before picture.
And this concludes some of the musings of a maiden. If you think you have more, comment below

Hey everyone, sorry for disappearing for a while...I AM BACK!!!

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  1. No Joke now I know I was meant to be a dude. Couldn't relate to any of the above. *sigh*.

  2. This reminds me so much of me back then that it is not even funny. Lol. nice one. The weight obsession. Always wanting to look hot at every wedding hoping to catch one of the groom men' eye too. Not a designer shoe freak and there was never any good looking guy in my office, but I can totally relate.