Thursday, 2 May 2013

Nigeria's Racing Eagles. Ngwanu!

Yesterday, I was determined to pick up a tee-shirt from my dad at the Palms Store. I had seen this beautiful tee-shirt a while back and I was determined that my daddy would wear the shirt.
After a long day, I sauntered into the mall hoping to do a quick pick & buy and zoom out before I was tempted to spend more money than I bargained for.
As I got down from the vehicle, I noticed this group of good looking guys huddled in a corner wearing a white and green stripped race track suit.  I tapped into my mental storage and began to "mindedly" investigate who these people were, but I came up blank.
I continued on my pick & grab expedition but as many of you may know now, I am a shopaholic. One item in over a hectare land of store? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. When I was done with the spontaneuous shopping and while regret was still seeping from my skin. I saw this same boys/guys mingling with the crowd. So I asked someone walking close to me who they were? The reply I got was that they were the Nigerian race track team
Nigerian Race track team? How did I not know this?
I stood for about five minutes appreciating the beauty, I mean the team and made a mental note to self to read as much as I could about them.
Turns out the team is owned by Ribi Adeshokan.  
And on March 8, 2013, the first Nigerian auto racing team known as the Nigeria Racing Eagles was unveiled to the world, at VANILLA, 131 Great Titchfield Street in London.
For now, the riders are a mix from different African countries. Here are their names:
  • Adrian Zaugg (South Africa)
  • Christian Ebong (Cameroon) – Ebong was a former Redbull F1 Racer
  • Sam Collins (Nigeria)
  • Gugu Zulu (South Africa)
  • Ovie Iroro (Nigeria) and
  • Nathan Wright (Nigeria)

They all will be competing in the British GT Championships. Nigeria Racing Eagles is being put together by GRC Motorsport, with United Autosports, a renowned GT racing team as technical partner.
Nigeria Racing Eagle has also partnered with Tiger Racing; a British racing car manufacturer which designed the world record breaking Tiger Z100, to do 0-60mph in 2.8 sec. The partnership will involve using the Tiger range for Driver Academy & Training and also to build Tiger Development Centres in Africa to train youths on Motorsport Engineering. (culled from Peace Ben William's blog)
This team probably has the best looking dudes of any Nigerian Sports team. And I am just saying.

Well it is just through my eyes.


  1. Zaugg was a redbull driver not ebong

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