Thursday, 2 May 2013

My horrible secret...

I fell in love with Kunle when I served in the company where he had just started working. He was attentive, amazing, made me feel like a woman. He was the man of every girl's dream. Well spoken, tall, hardworking and very goodlooking.
We got married a year and a half later. As I walked down the aisle to meet Kunle I was sure that I had made the right choice in marriage
The first year was a dream, we couldn't get enough of each other. We were so in too each other, there seemed to be no room for anyone else.
Then the second year came and I was yet to take in.
Then trouble started.
Kunle began to distance himself from me emotionally, then physically and before I knew what was happening. He would wake me up at night to ask why I tricked him into marriage. He boasted that he was very fertile because his last girlfriend had gotten an abortion at his request in the past.
I began to wonder what was happening. The man who was supposed to have to be my rock and have my back was the one taunting me. I became dejected.
We both went to see the doctors and were told there was nothing wrong with either of us.
Then Kunle's words got worse when five years had gone by, he called me barren, called me a desert, called me the biggest mistake of his life. He called me any rotten name he could string together. All because I was yet to get pregnant.
I would cry and cry and cry, praying that I would die so that all the taunting would stop.
After 8 years of marriage, there was still no child. I was desolate. There was no comforting me.
On one of my trips abroad, I met Laitan, he was a married man who was so unhappy at home. We began calling each other just to express how unhappy we both were in our marriages. In less than 7 months, Laitan and I were sleeping together regularly.
He was a welcome comfort after years of cold, anger and pain.
Then the unthinkable happened, I became pregnant.
There was no question, I was going to keep my baby. The baby my so called husband said I couldn't have. Here I was pregnant after a little love came into my life.
Laitan and I discussed.
We agreed that I would get Kunle to sleep with me so that I could say the baby was his.
I slept with Kunle and when I told him I was pregnant, he was overjoyed.
Today, my baby Olaoluwakitan is 5 years old and Kunle thinks he is his son. But I will keep it a secret.
I have no intention of letting him know now. And when he does know, it will be suitable revenge for all the years of pain he caused me.

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Have a fab evening my darlings


  1. There's a problem with the conclusion of this piece because I'm wondering what to make of it. He has been a horrible partner all these years but the story does not say he's been sleeping around. It does not say he'd gone and fathered kids with anyone else. It neither says he's thrown the author out. So I'm asking the simple question that "why are you waiting for when he can do nothing about the news and he's had his whole life invested in a foster child to tell him the news"?


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