Monday, 13 May 2013

Lagos and the art of lawlessness

Every where I turn I hear people say Lagos is working. Maybe it is, maybe it is not. I really don't care.
One thing I do know is that people are suffering and the entire state is bearing the burden of making a select few happy.
Before you go all ...on me. Hear me out!
The bus driver who is trying to earn legally, has to pay a minimum of 4,000 Naira everyday to illegal tax collectors who 'deliver' to an unknown entity. These illegal collectors often drunk and high on different substances make it a point to harass and coerce every public transporter into giving him money so he (the collector) can meet his target. (Did not realise that they ran the same operations like the financial institution
I ask the government, if this is right, why don't you make it legal?
Then the hardworking citizens who live in certain areas have to pay toll fees to make it home or pass an inadequate alternative road. Please ask anyone about the proposed Chevron alternative road, it is a huge joke.
Enter the enforcement agencies like Lastma. We all know most of the officials want money. If you are caught and you have no cash on you, they will follow you to the ATM machine. By the close of business, their pockets are lined with extra cash made from lawlessness.
Never mind that the petrol attendants at Filling station look for new and improved ways to cheat customers at the fuel pumps.
Hotel security & employees accost well-respected Nigerian ladies and give the Caucasian woman a free pass because of her skin colour.
The two-star general makes a truckload of noise when stuck in traffic. I mean, how dare he wait like the rest of the ''subhuman" countrymen.
Eateries/Food Joints serve animals with their meals and there is no one to question what they do.
Hospitals are a death trap. No effective regulatory bodies and no one is monitoring anything. As long as it is not the health of the government.

Don't even get me started on the communication giants, they are the synonym for useless. They are a joke.

All the colours of the stink in Lagos is enough to weave a blanket of rottenness over the state in the next decade.

And the police do this...
Food, shelter continues to be more than a daily struggle for the average Lagosian.
It is all about Tax. Tax. Tax.
And the people like its government have mastered the art of lawlessness.

Let us keep it at it after all Eko o ni baje. O ti baje already **not interested**

Have a fab day y'all

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  1. Yea real shame, no consumer protection or whatsoever. Last Tuesday i was at the FRSC office for the new drivers license as early as 6am, did not leave till about 4:15pm, to think i paid fully for the overpriced license (if u ask me) and still had to bribe the lady 3k so i could come for it in 2 weeks instead of August. Speaking of August i was told the old license plate would no longer be valid by then and defaulters would pay a fine. Pardon le francais but what the f%#@ is wrong with the old one? cos it don't carry the Nigeria map?

  2. So Sad............on the mainland as a guy you must have your id with you at all times and sometimes they(police) would take your id and break it and detain you for a crime called "wandering" ....Jeez when did that become an offense?