Tuesday, 7 May 2013

No! I am Independently Owned and Operated!

She gets up by 4.30 am in the morning.
She says her prayers, and gets on the bicycle in her living room and works out for 30 minutes. She detests fat. Plus it does not help her reason properly. It slows her mind and body.
At 5.30am, she picks up her planner (paper notebook and the handheld tab) and plans her day. She checks her bank account details as she writes cheques for her
a. her PHCN bill
b. her water bill
c. her security
She remembers that it is her sister's birthday today, so she transfers a bit of cash on the Internet to her younger sister.
At about 6.15am, she puts on the TV to catch the latest on CNN. A bit of news will help the direction of the financial market today.
At about 6.45am, she gets into the shower and by 7.20am, she sets out in her 2011 Toyota Camry from her 1004 flat to her office in Victoria Island.
She walks through the door by 7.40am and picks up the newspaper which has the section on the shares and stock prices for the day. She checks them and mentally calculates how much her shares are worth as of the day. When she has sees that the Cadbury shares have not appreciated in the course of two weeks, she calls her stock broker and orders him to sell the shares.
At 8.00am, she begins her work day.
From meeting to meeting, she shares her wealth of knowledge on the capital market and gives advice to her bosses and clients on the dangers and potential joys of investing in certain markets.
At 1.00pm, she orders her lunch from Yellow Chilli and settles in the corner of the office kitchen to gist with some of the colleagues. Her colleagues are not fooled by her. Even though she easily speaks about the different types of human hair and the latest fad in clothes and shoes, they know she can ease quickly into speaking about every other important topic under the sun.
At 3pm, she gets an SMS from Emeka who would like to go to dinner with her. She replies that they could have some dinner at 7pm at Oriental Hotel because of the short request time so she can go home early to sleep.

She arrives at the hotel by 6.45pm and makes her way to the restaurant to meet her date. Emeka calls by 7.15pm that he has been asked to head to Abuja and so will not be able to make the dinner.
She goes ahead to order her dinner, pays for it and heads home.
At home, she slips of her clothes, checks and replies her emails and goes to sleep.
You call her single, she says she is Independently owned and operated.


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  1. I really hate it when someone invites you out and then has the audacity to cancel.........or worse.......be late. Nice post

    1. Nobody is perfect dear..it could happen to you also...was not his fault

  2. "Independently owned" well nice status but am sorry it don't work for females in this part of the world. We all know in our society a woman's greatest achievement is marriage...So unfair.