Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Why won't I cheat?

Scene 1
A man is overheard asking his son if he has crammed the 'expo' to the further maths exam?
Scene 2
An invigilator is passing by an examination room and is calling out 'Physics-1,000, Chemistry-1,000. Buy your answers now and pass.
Scene 3
A mobile police officer in uniform leaving an examination room in progress, to pick a call. He picks the call and asks pointedly about answers to the Physics Examinations. At a point, he pauses to ask the person at the end of the phone, if he is sure that they are the correct answers
Scene 4
A mum enters the examination class with her daughter and sits right behind her whispering answers from the 'expo' leaflet she has.
My friend who took his brother to write the examination witnessed all this and put up a sad emoticon on his display timeline throughout the day.
Now stop!
Don't shake your head, don't castigate them. Listen to what they said
Response 1
I have written Jamb five times, I always behave like a good girl. Now, I need to get into school, I am not getting any younger.
Response 2
My mother bought the answers for me before the exam date. Should I waste her money?
Response 3
Everyone does it. It is the way of the jungle
Response 4
I am old, I wish to go to school but there is no time to study in between the security job that I do. I have no one to help me, no support system. I need to buy these answers to pass.
I know lots of young people that Jamb has dealt a wicked hand. A colleague of mine that I consider very very intelligent had to leave his home in Port-Harcourt to write Jamb in the North "Maiduguri"  because the three times he wrote it, Jamb in all its power cancelled the results of the center.
Most of us that did Jamb probably did it at least twice.
Wasted years.
Waiting for the stupid authorities to receive a vision to release results.
I believe that Jamb is a clog in the wheel of education in Nigeria. For starters, the Nigerian Government is not well equipped to deal with the number of Nigerians who want to be educated. Is it not bad enough that the children of government officials school abroad, but should they now poke the eye of the masses all because they do not have 'Honourable' before their names?
Channel already reported that one million students may be refused admission into the university this year. (the one million students will go on to sell pepper and fund Boko Haram. Mscheeeeeeeeew)
When you google Jamb, there is a link that directs interested parties to pay a fee for upgrading the jamb result. Can you beat that? And just like that individuals, families are breeding corruption from the womb.
I think we should just shout down all the schools and homeschool our kids. Because by association, your kids will mix with the kids of the dad who wants his son to cheat. Then what?
The cycle continues.
I am not justifying why students cheat, I am merely suggesting that there is a much bigger problem transcending our generation.
It is just through my eyes. You may disagree.

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