Monday, 22 April 2013

Trashy put some clothes on...

Don't be coming up to my man with your low cut, cleavage revealing blouse and be bending down to give him a hug (I know what you are trying to do, Hun!)

Do not be stepping out in some sheer material in front of him when we are trying to get some dinner out. I will hurt you missy!

I know you are classless, you be giving women everywhere a bad name because you believe your 'private parts' belong to the public and the world government.

And if all you wanna do is entice men, there is a profession as old as the earth that will utilise your varied goods to the fullest. Do you want me to say it? I can. Prostitution.

Do not be asking  if them men will like to see your irritating tatoos stuck in an indecent region all because you want to have sex? Oldest trick darling! Even men who are naturally dumb know what you mean.
Do not get in front of my baby boys i.e my brothers and son and be leading them astray all because you understand few functions on your phone like camera and click. Keep your pictures private.
I know you had daddy issues but my man ain't your daddy. He has no expert advice for you. There are counsellors for that. If you contact me nicely, I may even give you their numbers.
I realise you have not met a honest man and you will do anything for anyone who treats you decently. That man is just plain nice, nothing more Hun!

And just like that I have finished writing most of what I think a trashy girl shouldn't be doing. And I guarantee that should you try anything? I will end you as quickly as I ended this post.

I still love you  with the love of Christ*cough cough* just minus my man


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  1. We forgive them, Sincerely - MEN

    1. Ha ha Dapo! We hear you. Fortunately the write-up is about how women will hurt trashy girls who step in their turf. So we hear you. Between, we have missed your frequent comments oh.

  2. yeah from the bottom of our hearts....

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