Saturday, 27 April 2013

The gift of the name? Duh!!!

I am so sorry that it appears that I take time off now and then but you won't believe that it has to do with the internet connection (mtn, etisalat, starcomms) they all spend millions in advertisement rather than improve their product. Mscheeeeeeeewwww. That rant is for another day.
So I have been thinking lately about the name a woman acquires when she marries.
I have come accross men lately who are so pompous about their names and the consequent pride they pump in the air about the name they bestowed on the woman.
I have equally met women who do not feel whole because they are yet to change their last names. Dear Lady, a man's name does not make you whole. Wholeness is your job.
I personally have no trouble with a woman taking up a man's name. What I have trouble with, is a man's arrogance over a woman bearing his name.
I have heard men say to their wives 'you better be happy that you are bearing my name'. Whenever I hear that, I do a double take and stop myself from schooling the 'arraogant SOB' on the true meaning of his name.
Most women who are successful reached their successes as single women, or at the very least started on the path to the peak. i.e Beyonce Knowles & Cece Winans. This explains why women many times create a compound name so that their father's name is not lost in the euphoria of marriage and its aftermath. i.e Mrs Ngozi Okonji-Iweala
So men, when a woman takes up your name, it is not intended to generate a pompous reaction from you. She is in fact trying to honour you in reverse. So if I were you, I would sit down and realise the weight that comes with another bearing your name.
Similarly, I would consider it a honour, I would rejoice that God found you worthy enough for another to bear your name

And then suck it in and face what the co-bearer of your name brings to the table. lol.

Like I say, it is just through my eyes. You don't have to agree.

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