Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Let us give a standing ovation to...the player of the year. Episode 2

He is...


Funmi Said

Kevwe and I met in secondary school, he was one of the finest and nicest seniors around. He was brother to my school daughter and after doing puppy love for a year, it did not take anything for anyone to recognise that we wanted to date each other. Literally.

We began dating when I got into SS2, he was at home writing his WAEC again so we saw each other frequently. You see Kevwe came from a humble home. His dad was dead as at when we met and his mum took care of the home from the sales she made from the clothes trade. She was determined that both her kids would get the best of life.

By the time I left secondary school, Kevwe was still battling with WAEC, this was not because he was dumb or unintelligent, it was because the WAEC governing body always seized the results of the centre where he wrote his exams.

I got into one of the private universities and started a degree in accounting. I had encouraged Kevwe to take the SAT's and TOEFL and he passed them with distinctions. But the problem was there was no money. He had applied for scholarship and had gotten about $30,000.00 in student aid but there was no other funds for his travel expenses and tuition support.
After all the entreaties for help to his extended family members failed, I met my dad and asked him to please pay for the $10,000.00 needed for Kevwe to school in America.

My dad battled with this decision for a while but eventually agreed to after my mum insisted that our family help him since it was beginning to appear like we were both heading towards the altar.

My dad also had me transfer from my university to Cornell University in America.We were so excited, he was going to be schooling in Chicago. We were going to be in the same country even though we would be some distance apart. It was better than nothing.

We travelled regularly to see each other. We were young but we were in love.

Then I became pregnant!

Kevwe was so overjoyed that he asked that we get married straight away but I knew my parents would skin him and me, if we did so without their blessings. My parents were upset at the change in trajectory but resigned themselves. So I gave birth, took a year off school and nursed our beautiful daughter Zoe. We were a family even if we were not legally married. We then agreed to wait two years and get married.

By this time Kevwe had graduated magna cum laude and was offered positions with top notch banks and companies. He grudgingly accepted to work at Wells Fargo but left after a year . He told me he was bored stiff. All he wanted to do was business. He wanted to be a businessman.

His chance came when he did some consulting work for the Nigerian government and used the proceeds from the business to start a vehicle selling business in Nigeria.

Soon he moved Zoe and I into a duplex in the suburbs which he paid for in cash, I was so happy, All the foresight & investment was finally paying off.

He began going to Nigeria so often because we had agreed to build a home in Ajah so when I was done with school, we could re-locate and give Zoe a grounded foundation.
We were a close-knit family. I handled 50% paperwork of the businesses and handled three of his business accounts.
Then one Saturday in September, on my way to Yoga class, I got an email but refused to open it because I was running late.
After my class, I decided to open the mail and saw this

'Sweetheart, today I am getting married to a woman I cannot live without'. I am truly sorry. It does not change what we have and it will never change the love I feel for the life we created together 'Zoe"

I sat down.

I stood up.

I sat down again.

Next thing I woke up in the Emergency Room in the hospital.

(to be continued)

Just 2 more episodes in this series.

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