Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Let us give a standing ovation to...the player of the year. Episode 1

He is...


Abigail said
Kevwe met me at the famous hidden Cactus restaurant off Ozumba Mbadiwe. I had just stopped by to pick up the cake I made for my mum for her birthday. As I stood there waiting, Kevwe approached me and commented on the statement neckpiece I wore under the collar of my shirt. ( I know I looked hot in the morning but in the evening?..) We started a conversation that lasted 30 minutes. I was intrigued. Kevwe was interesting. This was an addition to his tall and chiseled features.
We exchanged phone numbers. He stayed with me on the phone all the way home. It was magic. He was the real gentleman. At home, we exchanged bb pins and chatted till about 1am in the morning
He called again the next day at work and asked me out to lunch. I asked him if he hadn't heard of the three day rule. He just laughed and said 'why wait for three days for a woman with good sentence structuring (Good sentence structuring, I exclaimed!)
We didn't have lunch but we had dinner.
We started dating a few weeks later.

He was the perfect boyfriend, he was amazing
We took vacations together, I knew his friends, I had met his mum, he had met mine.
And two years later...we were finally going to get married. Woohoo. Kevwe was attentive, loving, knew the right thing to say at the right time, was not violent. He was a dream.

I started preparing for marriage.

In September, 2012, he told me had to travel outside the country urgently for a business trip. Before he left, he asked me to help him collect some traditional wear from his tailor. I did. I was his side kick. And trust me I didn't mind. I enjoyed it
When he got back, he bought me the latest designer bags, the Louboutins I had craved for, clothes and everthing he needed.
I was so excited. I was going to be the root of every girl's envy.
He asked me to come over and help him pack for some chieftancy party going down in his village, I went. I was ready to do anything for a man that took me pretty seriously. He asked me if I would like to come but  I was booked for the weekend at work but I made him promise to send pictures every hour.
I saw him off to the airport on friday with some sadness in my heart about missing him. But I shrugged it off and went to sleep, resting in the bliss that I was one woman God and Kevwe loved so much.
Next day, I barely made it to work because I was so engrossed in my fairy tale dreams that it took my mother's bellowing to get me off the bed.
I drove into the office missing my 'beau' and set about work. At about 2pm, I realised I had not heard from Kevwe. I checked around the office but did not find my phone and realised I had dropped it on the passenger seat in my car.
I picked up the phone and saw about 40 missed calls and thought aloud 'Kevwe, I know you are missing me, me too darling! As I checked the missed calls I realised they were not from Kevwe but from my besto Nneka.
I called Kevwe first but he didn't pick so I called Nneka back
'Abi' she said, 'where are you?'
I am at work I answered, 'what is wrong?'
Kevwe is getting married, Nneka screamed. He is in Delta state getting married right now!
'Nneka, my Kevwe, haba is this a joke? I asked
She screamed and told me she was on her way to meet me
I did not believe till she came and showed me a picture on a friends dp of Kevwe and his wife.
...I slumped
(to be continued)