Tuesday, 2 April 2013

How I met the man...And his music. Flo.

This morning, I walked by my colleague's office Ladunni and she stopped me to ask if I had the 'Flo' CD with me because she had heard me play it. I was excited that someone else had come to share the exciting sounds from this musician.
Our conversation led me to remember how I came across his music.
On one of those difficult days, I stopped by the Mobil filling station in Victoria Island to fix the Air conditioniong of my SUV, it was hot and I had a lot of errands to run. Trust me, you don't want to run errands in the Lagos scorching sun.
I thought it was a 'pour gas into the AC gas chamber and I would be done situation' till the AC guy told me some pipe had burst and I had to buy another one, this meant that I was going to spend another 7k I was not prepared to spend. I was upset.

Anyhoo, I put into motion, my negotiation skills and words (Yes, I call those up from the recesses of my mind, what can I say? I compartmentalize perfectly) And even though I am generally good at haggling prices, this time the AC guy seemed like he was going to best me. What?
Then came this guy with permed long hair asking what the problem was? ( I looked at him from the corner of my eyes, he looked cute and he defo had a wedding band on. he better not be one of them 'cheaters' or he was gonna hear a bucketful of words)
The dude with the long hair negotiated the price of the pipe to a whopping 4,000.  I was impresed. He was going to earn my 1st grade respect. He had succeeded where my negotiation skills had failed.
The AC guy, got back, fixed my AC and we bid each other goodbye. (I waited for him to ask for my number, but he did not. He earned my total respect)
Months later, I was shopping in a music store, when I saw the guy with the long hair on the cover of the CD. I decided to buy it as a way of repaying this stranger for his help in time past. I thought I was doing him a favor.
I got into my car and waited to hear the rubbish sounds brandished by Nigerian musicians as music.
I was shocked.
I heard Music. I heard a new creation of Christian music with meaning!
Not only was the music different, I could worship with it. Now that is a combination that is rare.
Excellent music laden with the Spirit of God.

So I am here hoping one day in my nearest future to do music with this man who obviously has his moral values intact and a musician with style.

I raise my hand to you and say well done!