Thursday, 4 April 2013

Her name is...sorry, I didn't quite catch it!

Yes I really didn't catch her name, well because she didn't tell me!
But she is the first female agbero/bus conductor I have ever met.
My first contact with this lady was about two months ago. I got to the bus stop pretty early because I was scheduled to appear in court. Naturally, I needed to get to the office early to get my file and books before heading to the boxed house known to lawyers as Judicial courts. (I shall rant about this another day)
I noticed this person by a bus calling passengers to board a bus headed to the destination I wished to go. I boarded the bus but made it my early morning chore to stare at this person and determine correctly if he/she was male or female. This chore seemed tasking because it was not yet daylight and my eyesight is not so good. I bidded time and hoped that she would join the bus so I may continue my scrutiny. It was important. Very important.
It seemed the heavens heard my prayers. I don't know why but it was important for me to determine if he/she was male or female. If she was female, it would be a strange phenomenon. And I wanted to be in the know.
As if she heard my thoughts, she asked if people were wondering whether she was male or female. I sat still and waited for her response. She didn't disappoint, she laughed coarsely and said 'I be woman'
I smiled and continued my journey, filing the situation in my memory room. It was indeed a strange phenomenon.
Today, I saw her again. But she wasn't bus conducting she was calling passengers to the bus. And she did that in style. She held a satchet of gin called 'Regal' and Gala, cocked her head to the side and smiled more than the regular 'agberos'.
                                                                        Agbero stease
You have got to love Lagos. *smiles*


  1. Ladies should really slow down with this "What a man can do" thingy, we get it already.