Friday, 5 April 2013

Have Messi on Ronaldo!

By the time this gets published, if it does, I'm pretty sure you'd have been inundated with countless tweets, posts, BBM updates and articles about the results of the FIFA Ballon D'or 2013.
Back in March 2012 I posted on my facebook wall - "how was it that in March 2012 Messi had won the Ballon D'or? An award that's not scheduled to hold till January 2013." I didn't get a lot of responses but right now the very few who paid any heed to that post would vindicate me. He had scored 5 goals against Bayern Levekusen that evening in their Champions League tie, thereby becoming the first player to do so in the competition's history. Not just the 5 goals but the manner in which he achieved the fit left you wondering if he was of this world.
Messi-less, Messi-ah, Messi-merising, Mess-ed them up, the many pseudonyms I'd coined through the year on my wall to describe the 91-goals-in-one-calendar-year record holder. How could anyone not think of him in such superlatives? Sometimes, I simply write "have Messi". While I take nothing, absolutely nothing, from Cristiano Ronaldo's (CR7) talent and achievements, especially in 2012 - having won the La Liga title and taken his national side(portugal) to the Semi-final of EURO 2012, I maintain that he is blossoming at the worst possible time ever. First, and unfortunately, he's older than Messi. At 27, he can not expect to outshine the 25 year old little argentine on the highest stage. Secondly, whereas CR7 is the best "human" footballer on earth, Messi is a demi-god if not a god. FIFA should take this observation into consideration and create an award for all the macho effort CR7 puts into his game. I am certain he will fair better with his fellow man. While Messi returns all glory to some kind of deity that he believes in when he scores his numerous awe striking goals, like the time he chipped a goalie in the 6-yard box, Ronaldo reminds us each time he scores that it's the power he has built into his thighs that produces the magic. It's no wonder the voters don't vote him. People are naturally drawn to humility.
I can imagine what goes through CR7's mind atimes: I'm more handsome than he is, taller, a better header of the ball. I am faster, I have more skills and above all that, look at my physique - to die for. My CR7 brand is also bigger. What has he that I have not? My simple answer? He is Messi. And that's enough for the footballing world.
As I go to bed reminiscing on the petit fellow and the gargantuan talent he is blessed with I wonder what CR7 must do to beat Messi at his finest hour and the words of Michael Johnson, the world and Olympic 400m champion, come to mind concerning the chances of Usain Bolt's competition at London 2012 olympics, "for any of them (the competition) to stand a chance at winning 100m dash gold medal, Bolt has to have a bad day". For Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi will have to have a bad year.
In 2013, will Messi have mercy on Ronaldo? It remains to be seen.
SPARK! Let's change it.
(Eeeeeermm just in case you are wondering, I didn't author this piece. I don't know squat about these things. My dear friend did)
Lucas K.Togan. He authored this article.
Look out for him in the coming days.


  1. Funny guy. Now that you have successfully dared me, I will write a sports piece in a bit.

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